Adrianna is the biological grandmother of Bay Kennish, the legal grandmother of Daphne Vasquez and the mother of Regina Vasquez. After a presumed estrangement with her daughter due to Regina's alcoholism, she moved in to help raise her granddaughter Daphne after Angelo Sorrento abandoned the family. Her heritage is entirely Puerto Rican and by her heavy Hispanic accent it is likely she immigrated at some point.

Adrianna Vasquez
Basic Information
Gender: Female
Age: 70
Birthdate: c. 1948
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Occupations: Nanny

Regina Vasquez (daughter)
Daphne Vasquez (legal granddaughter)
Bay Kennish (biological granddaughter)
Angelo Sorrento (son-in-law deceased)

Partners: Daniel Vasquez (ex-husband) unseen
Friends: Gloria
Languages: ASL, Spanish, English
First Appearance
Episode: This Is Not a Pipe
Portrayer: Ivonne Coll


She finds Bay's headstrong personality very similar to Regina's as a teenager, pointing out that the two of them share traits. They're smart, strong-willed, and they both have a passion for art. Bay goes to Adrianna in an ill-fated attempt to find out about her father but Adrianna says "it was hard for both of them" (Regina and Bay's father) and sadly asks Bay to drop the subject. Adrianna didn't know Regina knew of the switch, but later found out when Regina has her show up to help out. She told her daughter she always has an ally in her. During the family meeting in Starry Night, Adrianna states that she shares John's skepticism about allowing Bay to further get to know Angelo.

In mid-season, Adrianna and Regina began to have a falling out over Angelo. At this point, she becomes the over-bearing mother who refuses to let her daughter make her own decisions, feeling as though they will have negative effects on her life and her granddaughters' lives. After calling immigration on Angelo, the two fight, which results in Adrianna deciding to finally move out, but not before having words of wisdom with Daphne when she talks to her about the changes in her life.

In The Intruder, Adrianna finds out that Regina has married Angelo and declares that Regina must still love him.

In Street Noises Invade the House, Adrianna shows discontentedness when Angelo is awarded $5,000,0000 from lawsuit against the hospital.

In The Good SamaritanAdrianna gets to hang out with Kathryn and visits her often.

In Your Body Is a Battleground,


Adrianna is headstrong and tough, much like her daughter. As helping Regina for a long time raising Daphne, she could be seen as more of an authoritive figure to both Regina and Daphne, and comes off as such in certain situations. She does not hesitate to put her daughter in line when she feels as though she needs to be, shown a few times. She also, unlike Regina, shows this side when Daphne asks Regina what she's doing back at the guest house after her secret comes out, in which Adrianna warns her to watch her tone when speaking to her mother. However, despite her assertiveness, she is also understanding, forgiving her daughter about knowing about the switch.

​Physical AppearanceEdit

Adrianna has tan skin, and short dark brown hair.She is short and has brown eyes.


Adrianna moved in with Regina when she was struggling to raise five-year-old Daphne. Before then, they had been estranged, presumably because of Regina's alcoholism.

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