Alex is the ex-boyfriend of Bay Kennish, who she met at a summer program.


Alex Rainford is first seen in the episode, "This Is the Color of My Dreams" as Bay's boyfriend. The other Kennishes are shocked when Bay returns with Alex. Later in the episode, Alex and Bay are seen on a date. But, Bay confesses to not being over Emmett which leads to them breaking it off. Alex is not seen again until "We Are The Kraken Of Our Own Sinking Ships". Kathryn invites Alex and his parents, hoping to distract Bay from her new friend Zarra. Alex thinks that Bay arranged it but, he finds out that she did not miss him as he missed her. In the middle of the dinner, Bay gets a call which is her friend asking for bail money from jail. So she makes an excuse involving Alex. Alex, thinking that this plan is crazy, is reluctant but he agrees. In the end, Bay bailed out Zarra and someone else identified as, "mouse."

Personality and Physical Appearance. Edit

Quirky, but a good guy. Sheltered at heart but not very adventurous. He has curly dark-brown hair and a pleasant smile. He is pretty tall. 


Had a relationship with Bay Kennish after meeting at a vacation camp. Their relationship was not very serious, and eventually ended as a result of Bay still having feelings for Emmett.

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