"American Gothic"[title 1] is the second episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth Season One and the series overall. It was written by Lizzy Weiss, and it was directed by Steve Miner. It was originally aired on June 13th, 2011.


[...] Meanwhile, Kathryn suggests Daphne and her family come to their weekly grill night, but she and John are secretly upset when Daphne gets a ride to school on Emmett’s motorcycle.

John and Kathryn see their attorney about filing a lawsuit against the hospital. And Regina tells Bay about her time in AA and that alcoholism runs in their family. Kathryn and John talk to Regina about joining the lawsuit and also how they don’t like Daphne riding on a motorcycle. The three adults all get into a big fight about their parenting styles at grill night. Later, Kathryn, John and Regina all agree they can’t control each other’s parenting styles. Then Regina tells the Kennishes she’s not interested in pursuing a lawsuit. [...]

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In the morning, Daphne wakes up in her new bedroom and she gets up to walk toward the window to see the pool at outside. She smiles.

In the Kennish Guesthouse, Daphne and Regina are in the kitchen, Regina hears a knock on the door. Her mom tells Daphne that she heard someone outside, but it is Bay when Daphne opens the door. Bay says Kennish parents are invited Regina, Daphne and Regina to their breakfast table. Adrianna says she has to go to her work, Regina still wants to work on unpacking, so only Daphne can go. Bay is surprised by her biological grandmother when she gives her a kiss on her cheek.

At the breakfast table, Daphne and Bay join with the Kennish family but Daphne gets lost in the conservation until she misheard “rhubarb” as a raspberry jam and says this “rhubarb” is good. The family gives Daphne a puzzled look, immediately, Daphne realizes she might not hear what they say. She feels foolish at that moment. When Daphne sees her friend, Emmett, who is going to pick her up. She says her ride is here, so she introduces Kennish family to her friend. Emmett tells, while Daphne interprets for her friend, John that he’d traded a rookie Mark McGuire for John. his baseball team. Emmett explains that when he was nine and he read that John was cut from his old high school team but John didn't give up. He says Emmett really liked that. John says to him, “You get an autographed picture, my friend.” Kennish parents mistake Emmett and Daphne as a couple, and they both correct them that they’re just friends.

Regina comes to say hello and bye to Daphne and Emmett. Kathryn says that she didn't know that someone as young as Emmett is could ride a motorcycle. Regina points out that he’s actually sixteen that he legally can ride his motorbike. Of course, it won’t help Kennish parents feel safe about Daphne riding with him. After Daphne and Emmett depart, Bay complains that how Daphne can ride on a motorbike with someone who is sixteen, but John says he plans to fix that “issue”. Bay asks if she can get ungrounded, but he says no. She then complains that Daphne gets whatever she wants. Kathryn says she got grounded for having a fake I.D. and getting arrested in the previous episode.

At Carlton school for the Deaf, Emmett and Daphne arrives and get off of his bike. Her friend asks her how it goes, but Daphne says she’s not happy about being lost in the family’s conservation and jokes references. Emmett says she just met them, but she says they all talk a mile a minute in different parts of the room and she’s completely not able to keep it up with what they say. He says it sounds pretty normal for hearing people. Daphne says they’re not just hearing, but they are her family.

At the Kennish Mansion House, John and Kathryn discuss about the malpractice and the hospital where the girls were born at. She disagrees that the idea of suing the hospital, while John insists about parental responsibility. She tells him that she doesn't want Daphne to ride a motorbike with Emmett, which John agrees. He says they are going to fix that “issue.”

At Buckner Hall High School, Liam and Bay are at outside. While Bay doesn’t tell what really happened after the switch is discovered, Liam tells her that he’s tired of being jerked around or “Bay drama”, he ends their relationship before he walks away.

At the Kennish Guesthouse, Regina is seen as she works on removing a wallpaper off of the wall. She hears a knock again, so it is Kathryn. When she sees the damages on the wall, she is visibly upset but she calmly claims it’s completely okay. Kathryn is about to question Regina on Emmett’s ride, but she is cut off by a phone ring. Regina tells her it’s her client. At that moment, she changes her mind to drop Emmett & motorbike out of the discussion. She tells Regina about BBQ on every Thursday as a tradition, so she asks if Adriana and she can go. Regina agrees to go there.

Inside the mansion, Kathryn storms in the office and informs at John that how Regina tears wallpapers down. He asks her if she has second thought, so she says she thinks they should get to know who Vasquez family is before all families can share patio furniture. John replies to ask her if she wants “to undo the situation”.

At the Carlton school for the deaf, outside, Emmett sits on a circular fountain and looking around until Liam shows up. He asks Emmett if he speaks English, and he sarcastically signs, “No, Japanese”. He laughs and apologizes, but he asks him if he knows who and where Daphne is. Which Emmett leads him to find her. Daphne is pleased to see Liam. He says he remembers her touring Buckner Hall, and she says she has decided to stay at Carlton. Liam genuinely says he thinks she is cool. Daphne informs Emmett that it’s cool because she knows Liam. Emmett tells her if anything else happens, he would take him down. Emmett doesn't look happy, through his hostile expression bothers Liam a bit. After Emmett leaves, Liam wonders if her friend is her bodyguard, and she replies, “Pretty much.” They then share their common interests, cooking and restaurant. Daphne asks if he wants to hang out with her sometimes. Liam approves.

When they leave, Emmett glares at both of two persons.

In the kitchen at Kennish Mansion, Bay and Kathryn argue about her being grounded. Bay wants to go to art shop and her mom balks at her. She says she should think twice before she breaks a law. Bay doesn’t understand what big deal is, but her mom doubts that she wants to go the shop because of Liam. Bay states that she is not. Kathryn tells her that she only has four days of grounding that she can handle a bit longer. When Bay sees Regina at outside, she does to see her biological mother and she gets an idea. . .

Bay knocks the door at the guest house, Regina opens it to see her biological daughter. Bay says she remembers about “it’s her body” thing when Regina stood up to her legal mom, so she hopes her mom could... She is interrupted when Regina asks if she is stuck at her house around, which she replies “Yes”. Then Regina adds, “With nothing but your pool, your tennis courts, your computer, and your art studios?” Bay realizes and says, “It is a trick question, isn't it?” Regina slightly smiles and tells her that if it was her, she would have grounded Bay for a month and no screens.” Bay is shocked to hear that Regina agrees with Kathryn’s parenting.

At Carlton, Liam is about to get in his vehicle, he gives Daphne a “bye” sign and departs. Emmett glares at Daphne, and she says “what?” He shakes his head, gesturing “nothing”. Daphne sighs, “Not all hearing guys are jerks.” He snarks, “Most rich football guys are.” Daphne looks irritated.

At the Kennish Mansion, outside, Bay is seen as she draws her sketchbook. Regina comes to ask her if she could help her with painting. She agrees to go and help her mother out.

Daphne brings her mixture bowl of chocolate cake (or brownies?) in the kitchen at the mansion, she calls out to ask if she could borrow a mixer. It seems no one is here. She awe at the large and fancy kitchen, so she hovers around and picks a kitchen cleaver to look at. Toby enters the kitchen, startling his sister. He jokes about cleaver fetish, and Daphne says this room is like her dream kitchen. Toby fingers in her already mixed up chocolate cake in a bowl and licks it off of his finger. She yells, “Don’t! That’s so gross!” She tries to grab the bowl back from him, and Toby teases her to pretend that he “pukes” in the bowl. John comes in and asks if Toby is bothering Daphne. Daphne and Toby screams, “Yes!” and “No!” Surprisingly, John approves, “Good. He has years of torturing to make up for.” Daphne is shocked that John isn't going to help her. John teases, “That’s what big brothers do.”

Daphne is annoyed, so she tries to grab her bowl from her brother again.

In the guest house, Bay paints on the ceiling. Regina and Bay share their art interest. They agree that Bay is a Latino artist. Bay asks what those are, referring to AA chips, and her mother explains that she’s sober for years and explains why she would hard on Bay for fake ID. Also, Regina states her father, Bay’s grandfather, was alcoholic. She says she would do everything to make so sure that it won’t happen to her daughter. They then hear a knock on the door.

It's Tyler. Ty gives mails to Regina from their old home’s mailbox in East Riverside. Regina says she goes to get things at outside. As her mother leaves, Bay asks what does Tyler think of color on the sloped ceiling, and then Ty jokes her about him himself being eggplant color. Ty asks how much Regina and Daphne pay for that guest house, but Bay replies it’s none.

At an office somewhere in Kansas City, a woman discusses with Kennish parents about the switch at hospital and malpractice. John points out to his wife that is what they want for that crisis situation to be dealt with.

At night time, outside of Kennish Mansion, John is seen as he prepares a dinner while talking to Daphne. She still has a hard time to follow up what her father says. They and Kathryn all notice Regina just arrives at their home. Kathryn reminds John about deaf and motorbike which they should talk to Regina about that “issue”. So, they go to see Regina. John explains to her about lawsuit and hospital, so they agree that all parents, including Regina, should get together to stand on a trail. Regina says she’ll think about it. Kathryn steps in to discuss about deaf and riding a bike, but Regina disagrees. She says Daphne is fine with riding with Emmett, yet the discussion turns in an ugly argument once Kathryn simply worries about what if Deaf people can’t hear from behind and she says she’d be more glad to drop Daphne off at school every day. The heat debate is stopped by Daphne calls them for dinner time.

At the dinner table, Regina says let go ahead and eat, but John says let do Grace first. Regina openly tells that Regina and Daphne atheists and they don’t start with blessing and praying, Daphne corrects her mom that she’s agnostic. After Regina insists that both families should go ahead and eat, Daphne feels bad for Kennish parents so she tells all of them that she will do praying. That delights Kennish parents, but Bay and Toby look annoyed. When Daphne is finished her pray and they all start to eat the dinner. Kathryn says to Daphne that she wants to spend some time with her and she wonders if it’s okay to drop her off every morning for her school. Regina is upset and tells her off that she doesn't need to sugarcoat Daphne. Regina accuse Kennish parents for they think she’s a “terrible” mother for let Daphne riding with Emmett on his bike. Both Kennish parents come to defend themselves; they insist that there have to be some things that are open to discussion among the three parents. Regina angers, “Why? You didn't discuss with me about Bay’s punishment.” Regina then continues critiquing the parents for what things parents and she can and what cannot. Daphne tells her mom to stop the arguing, but she ignores her and still arguing with the parents. When Regina mentions “handing her [Daphne] a shotgun”, John responds that it’s a lot of safer, and she realizes the family has guns and she is pissed off. He defends himself that it’s second amendment that he has a right to arm. Before Regina could say more, Daphne shouts, “Mom!” Regina realizes it’s already gone too far, so she excused herself and leaves. Daphne is so disappointed and tells them, “Excuse me.” She leaves the table.

In the guest house, Regina packs up her things in boxes. Daphne comes in and yells at her mom that she ruins everything. Regina explains what Kennish parents say about Deaf people shouldn't drive and she also says they’re arrogant and entitled, so Daphne doesn't believe her. Regina yells at her to ask [them] for see what they say. Regina then continues to pack up, Daphne notices her action and asks if they are leaving Kennish Mansion. Regina stays silence, and she angers, “That’s it? I have no say in this?” Regina insults that she is just stand there and tells her mom that she thinks that this is working? Daphne is upset that she says she’s going out and do not wait up for her.

In the mansion, Kathryn and Bay comes in the kitchen. Kathryn complains how Regina harshly judges her and doesn't like her temper. Bay says her mom just don’t like Regina, but Kathryn tells her that she is not. She asks what did she do, Bay says her mother is her blood and is contacted to her in many different ways, so if Kathryn hates Regina, then she might hate her too. She disagrees that it is not what she meant.

Outside of the guesthouse, Bay asks her bother to cover her absence so Bay can go out somewhere. Toby asks if she is okay, she just says she needs some air.

In the guest house, Adrianna comes to see Regina but she tells her mom that she doesn't want to be yelled at, stating Daphne already pissed off at her. Adrianna reminds her that Regina did teach Daphne that she can be Deaf president, but she can’t handle Kennishies. Regina says she had done a damn good job with raising her daughter. Which grandmother agrees. But, Regina frustrates that she doesn't not like to share Daphne with the Kennish family, or she never ask anybody’s permission on how to raise her child. She just doesn't like it.

In East Riverside, Bay is at outside of Tyler’s house and Ty opens a door to see her. Bays says she needs a outlook so he can make sure no cops are around Bay to be caught. Ty agrees to come with her. At music shop, Liam and Daphne talk about favorite songs and lipreading. Daphne doesn't want to talk about her family so she only interests in music. Liam respects her and asks what she do think of the neon trees, but she misread his lip, ‘You want my knees on cheese?’ Liam laughs, “No, the neon trees.” He asks if it’s difficult, so she answers only if she gets to know someone better then her lipreading will be easier. He teases that he asks if she’s expert on his lip. She laughs, “Not yet.” She looks around and notices something and she tells him that she gets an idea.

At outside somewhere, there is a building’s wall with full of graffiti arts. Bay and Tyler bring Bay’s art stuff. Bay explains how graffiti artists respond and draw those pictures on the wall and there is a sort of no rules. Tyler helps her with art stuff on the wall. Bay draws a picture, Angry Axe Girl. Tyler asks about her art and why the little girl is angry. Bay asks him if he really wants to know why. He says absolutely.

At the music shop, Daphne put a headphone on Liam to challenge him on lipreading. Liam now can see why it is hard to read someone’s lip.

At the Kennish Mansion, living room, John and Kathryn talking about what happened at dinner time. She wonders what if they were wrong about having a say about Daphne, she knows their child is their own blood but they aren't royalty. She says she knows John and she did raise Bay but not Daphne. John interprets her to ask what he misses something. She tells him that she sees Bay actually defends Regina and that got Kathryn to thinking. She says Bay defends a stranger’s parenting choice. . . John understands what she does mean and says they have to set some kind of precedent. But she says it’s not working, so John points out that he knows this arrangement is not working, and he suggest to get a family attorney to draw up documents giving us the legal authority to make decisions on Daphne’s behalf. But, Kathryn disagrees and reminds a custody battle is horrible that what her parents, Kathryn’s, had done before. She doesn't want to happen to those girls, so John asks what they should do. . . She says Regina actually did good job on raising their biological daughter and everything [she’s] had to deal with. John agrees that if Regina did well with their child, then both Kennish parents would have done a good job on Bay, too. John encourages her to not give up yet.

Liam and Daphne comes out of the music shop, Liam’s friends, Cheves and Burf shows up and notices the girl’s hearing aids on her ears. One of his friends asks what it is, and she explains what it is. They make fun of about being deaf, sign language or Liam took her to music shop. Liam defends her and tells his friends to stop doing that. They still mock and asks Daphne how to sign something nasty. Daphne is visibly upset by their question, so she decides to give them some offensive signs instead of naughty signs. She taught them, “I am a douchebag”. She tells that she has to go so she leaves.

At outside nearby the building with the wall of arts, Bay’s picture is now finished. Ty tells her that he has to work in morning so she should go home. Bay says, “Bleh, home.” Ty says her three parents fight over Bay. Bay wonders why she can’t be just like everyone. Ty asks what she would have to paint about, and she surprises how well listen he is. But, he points out that if it is not for the switch, they wouldn’t meet. They share a kiss.

At outside, somewhere else, Daphne sits and waits for Emmett to come and take her to her home.

Bay returns to her home, she hears a motorbike upcoming amd she hides to watch Emmett drops Daphne off. After he departs, Bay catches up with Daphne so they can have a talk. Daphne thought Bay is grounded but she says she is. Daphne says it was “fun” dinner, and Bay agreeably says she didn't realize all of their parents were in a fight. Daphne tells her that she really thought they’d be that big, happy family. Bay also says she didn't expect that Regina went blew up, and she says that’s her mom. Daphne realizes and corrects herself, “Our mom.” They smile at each other before they say good night to each other.

Bay sneaks in the living room but is caught by her dad. Bay tries to explain that she didn't do anything illegal or dangerous and she just wants to get away from the dinner disaster. John understands her and is not in disappointment. Bay blames herself that it is her fault for all of this screwed up situation. John says how it is her fault? Bay says she pushes everyone by convinced Kennish parents to take a DNA test, made her parents to let Vasquez family move in and so on. She also says they both really want this to work, and if all parents can’t, they are just going to live with that. John smiles and says every single thing they say about daughters having their father wrapped around their little fingers, it’s absolutely true. But John insists her to not tell her mom that he caught Bay.

Daphne comes in her guest house and sees Regina. Regina wants her to sit with her, so she walks over. Regina says they never used to fight. . . Daphne understands that and says it’s harder than she thought it would be. Daphne says Regina should stop being difficult. So, Regina apologizes. Daphne asks if Kennish parents really say about deaf and driving. Regina notes that it was before she learned about Deaf Culture, she probably would say same things as what Kennish parents said. Regina says they must educate Kennish family about everything Deaf Culture. It’s not just hearing. Daphne agrees.

In next morning, in the kitchen, John hears a knock and it’s Regina, so John tells her to get in. John informs her that he caught Bay last night. John says if he can’t control one teenager girl, how he is suppose to control with two teens. Kathryn comes in and Regina says she has something to say. Regina says she secretly did watch Emmett and Daphne riding for a week and he is great at driving a motorbike. Bay, Toby and Daphne comes in but they realize their parents talking and thought they are still arguing. Regina tells the kids no one is killed each other, yet.

Daphne informs her biological parents that she do speak well but, sometimes, hearing people forget or doesn't understand, they’d have to look at her and be patient. Kathryn tells her that she’s sorry. Daphne smiles, “It’s okay” She decides to teach the Kennish family the first sign, “squirrel” and they all learned how to sign a word, “squirrel” in ASL. Regina notices Emmett rides his bike at outside and tells her that he is here. Kathryn is still upset at the idea of Deaf people ride a motorbike and insists Daphne to not ride that. Regina steps in and reminds them that Daphne is not her child and she doesn't have a say in how Bay is raised. She notes that they all agree to live with Kennish family so they all could get to know each other’s girl and no co-parenting. Kennish parents reluctantly agree with her.

After the kids are leaving for their school, Regina tells Kennish parents that she doesn't interest in lawsuit against the hospital. But, the parents insist she should and the money might help, and Regina still doesn’t want to be involved with it. She leaves the kitchen, and Kathryn suspects at her and tells her husband that Regina hides something and she can feel it.

The CastEdit




  • Aaron Jaeger as Burf
  • Aaron Todd Kesser as Cheves
  • Jonathan J.R. Russell as Schoolmate #1
  • Brian Gutierrez as Schoolmate #2
  • Lauren Furs as Schoolmate #3
  • Tanya Reese as Schoolmate #4

Music FeaturedEdit

Song Artist Notes Link
Break Off The Bough Cary Brothers Daphne and Liam hang out in a record store on a date. YouTube
My Shoes Daphne Willis Ty and Bay kiss at the art wall. YouTube
Which Way To To Clare Bowditch & The Feeding Set Emmett comes to rescue Daphne. (0:51) YouTube
We've Just Begun Persephone's Bees This song is heard when Bay asks Ty to help her with putting up her poster. Daphne tells Liam about lip reading. YouTube
Record Collector Lissie Emmett and Daphne pull up on motorcycle in school parking lot. YouTube
Best Day of Your Life Katie Herzig This song is heard when Daphne smiles as she looks out at her new home. YouTube


John: "Is Toby bothering you?"
Daphne & Toby: (simultaneously) "NO!" "YES!"
John: "Good. He has years of torturing to make up for."
Daphne: "That's it! You're not going to help?"
John: "That's what big brothers do. See you."
Bay: "I don’t get it."
Regina: "You don't have luxury of a couple of beers now and then. Because if you are anything like me, pretty quickly, that couples of beers can become a six-pack, and then that six-pack is all you think about. It happened to my dad, it happened to me, and I'm going to do everything in my power to make damn sure that it doesn't happen to you."


  • A word, "squirrel", is first ASL sign that the whole Kennish family has learned.



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Title ReferenceEdit

  1. From the 1930 painting, American Gothic, by Grant Wood.


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