Angelo Giovanni Sorrento was married to Regina Vasquez and was the father of Bay Kennish, Abby Sorrento and Daphne Vasquez (legal).


Angelo Giovanni Sorrento was the ex-boyfriend/now husband of Regina Vasquez with whom he fathered Bay Kennish although the couple brought Daphne Vasquez home mistakenly believing she was their daughter. As Daphne grew up he became suspicious of her true paternity because of her green eyes, fair skin, and red hair. When Daphne was sick with meningitis he secretly had a blood test done to prove that Daphne was not biologically related to him. The result said that she wasn't and he left Regina and Daphne. However, Angelo claims that Regina kicked him out. Regina then had another blood test with her and found out that Daphne wasn't related to her either. 

In The Homecoming (season one's summer finale), he returns to Missouri after reading that the girls were switched at birth in a newspaper. He shows up at Bay's art show and reveals that he is her father. Bay later meets up with Angelo at his hotel and he tells her he, and therefore she, is Italian, French, and Arabic. Daphane asks if her becoming deaf right before he left was just a coinsidence, in which he replies it had a ‘small’ reason as to why he left. Bay asks why he left, but he says he needs more time to explain everything. He then tells her that he wants her to meet his side of the family when/if she goes with him to France that summer.

Regina and Daphne see Angelo, but only Bay wants him around. After meeting with Regina several times, he tells her that he wants to get back together (without actually saying the words) and that the hospital is responsible for what happened to the girls (which he then sues the hospital, winning 5 million dollars). He also tells her that if the girls hadn't been switched, they would still be together.

Regina slowly starts to forgive him and they decide to open a salon together. Angelo becomes furious with Regina when John tells him that she knew about the girls being switched. He later forgives her and they end up sleeping together, much to the displeasure of Regina's mom. That night, Kathryn invites him over for dinner and they find out he is a fugitive. He beat up a man in Italy when he was drunk because the man had an affair with his fiancée. Regina's mom calls the police and Angelo disappears.

In The Intruder Angelo and Regina get married and go in for an interview. It goes well, except for the confusion of living arrangements, so it's decided that Angelo will move in with the Kennishes.

In Tree of Forgiveness Angelo tries to make amends with Daphne.

In The Trial, Angelo is back in town to testify.

In Street Noises Invade the House (the season one finale), Angelo learns that an older man had taken advantage of Daphne. He then shows up at Maize and punches Jeff in the face. At the courthouse, Angelo is awarded $5 million from the hospital. As the episode ends, an unknown pregnant woman walks into the courtroom looking for Angelo, confusing Daphne and Bay.

In The Door to Freedom,

In The Awakening Conscience,

In Duel of Two Women,

In Dressing for the Charade,

In Human/Need/Desire, Angelo let Bay have her Valentine's Day party at his place.

In Introducing the Miracle, an intoxicated Regina's shows up at Angelo's and he allows her to spend the night on his couch. The next morning, he texts Bay in order to reach Daphne about this situation. Bay arrives with Daphne to take Regina home, but Angelo says he will take care of her and asks Bay to go to the hospital with Lana. At the hospital, Lana gives birth to Bay's half-sister. Later, Angelo is upset to learn that Lana took the baby and left. When he asks if Lana said anything, Bay says no. In the next episode, Angelo travels around the United States in search of his newest daughter's alleged adopted family.

In Mother and Child Divided,

In Distorted House,

In The Good Samaritan, Angelo gets frustrates with Bay and Regina messiness.

In He Did What He Wanted,

In The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living, Angelo offers to help Regina bring in business.

In Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger, Angelo invites Bay to join him at a pivotal meeting concerning the custody of his new baby although this tests his relationship with Bay.

In The Merrymakers,

In Departure of Summer,

In Drowning Girl,

In Your Body Is a Battleground,

In Fountain,

In It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else,

In Have You Really the Courage?,

In Dance Me to the End of Love,

In The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed),

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows,

In Love Among the Ruins,

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain,

In Oh, Future,

In And We Bring the Light, when Daphne loses her SAT book, he brings her to his restaurant and they try to bake a lemon cake that he used to have during childhood. After many attempts, they find the right one, and Daphne remembers she left her book at Regina's place of work. Regina panics upon her arrival in the middle of the night, and pulls a gun on Daphne, scaring the both of them. Angelo, in a fit of rage, yells at Regina, and the fight ends when Regina mentions that he had two daughters but could raise neither. Angelo leaves, infuriated, in his car. While driving, he has a brain aneurism and crashes into a tree. He is found and brought to the hospital.

In The Image Disappears, Angelo is stable in the hospital at first, bleeding and breathing normally. However, he begins to bleed excessively while only Bay is present, unaware of what is happening. Alarms go off when it becomes an emergency, and doctors rush in and begin to treat him. Later, Daphne lip reads a doctor in a different room, through glass doors, that Angelo's brain has completely stopped functioning, and that the only reason he is alive was because the machines were beating his heart and breathing for him. After they have time to process, they find out in his Final Will that he would have wanted to have the life support removed. They soon unplug the life support, and Angelo dies.

In Yuletide Fortune Tellers, Angelo is seen in old home movie footage.

Physical Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Angelo Sorrento has wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes that, according to Kathryn, are identical to Bay's. He is tall and viewed as handsome, with many women interested in him, though he only appeared to be interested in Regina during the end of his life.

Angelo's true intentions are often a mystery. He was suspected to have only returned to Kansas City for the settlement money he'd get from the trial. However, he does seem to genuinely care for his daughters. He shows a desire to form a very close relationship with Bay and mend his estranged relationship with Daphne. His fugitive status for harming the man who slept with his fiancée indicates a very bad temper. It also seemed that he really loved, or used to love his wife Regina.  


On October 22, 1995, wife Regina Vasquez gave birth to a daughter who was switched at the hospital with another baby girl. The couple named this baby Daphne Paloma Vasquez and took her home. Angelo soon began to suspect that Regina had cheated on him and that Daphne was not his daughter due to the lack of resemblance between them. He did not get the chance to prove this until 1998 when Daphne caught meningitis and lost her hearing. He took a swab of her saliva and had it DNA tested. Obviously, the results said that Daphne was not related to him.

He left Regina and Daphne when Daphne was just three years old. He eventually moving back to Italy where at some point he met and got engaged to an unknown woman. A few days before the wedding, his friend confessed to sleeping with Angelo's fiancée. Enraged, Angelo beat his friend and wound up in jail the next day. He was released, but his friend's father turned out to be a prosecutor. He fled the country and ended up in Chicago, where he lived his life uneventfully for two years until he happened upon a newspaper article detailing the switch. He returned to Kansas City, prepared to beg for forgiveness from Regina and Daphne and hoping to form a bond with his biological daughter Bay. 


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Regina Vasquez (wife)

First Relationship: 

  • Start Up: Before 1995
  • Break Up: Sometime early in 1998
    • Reason: Angelo found out that Daphne was not biologically related to him, and he suspected that Regina had an affair.

Second Relationship:

Third Relationship

Lana One night stand resulting in the conception of his second daughter, Abby.


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  • Angelo is the first main character who had died.[1]
  • In Yuletide Fortune Tellers, he and Regina had a son named Angelo Junior as well as Daphne.
  • He speaks fluent French, Italian, and English.
  • He is very protective of his family.
  • His family grew up in Italy, close to where Kathryn's grandmother grew up.
  • He enjoys cooking and worked on opening a restaurant with Kristy Salz.
  • He had a one-night stand with a woman named Lana and got her pregnant.
  • He and his sister, Francesca, both died of a brain aneurysm. Francesca died at 18, which was Bay's age when she discovered the hereditary condition.
  • Angelo has a cousin named Sebastian who is a glassblower.
  • Angelo dies in the episode The Image Disappears

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