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Bay Kennish and Liam Lupo


Not Together


Before This Is Not a Pipe


This Is Not a Pipe


Lay (Liam and Bay) is the relationship between Bay Kennish and Liam Lupo.

Liam LupoEdit

First MeetingEdit

Well, obviously in the first episode it shows Liam and Bay giving eachother a quick kiss during class, which tells us that they have been seeing eachother for a while and met before the first episode.

First KissEdit

The first kiss is currently unknown, and occurred before the first episode. 

First DateEdit

It was unknown of their First Date.

Break UpEdit

When everything regarding the switch was just beginning to happen, Bay was acting up with her parents, and wanted to get a nose piercing. At the tattoo parlor, Liam confronted Bay about her rude behavior, leading Bay to say that she thinks they need a break. In American Gothic, Liam realizes that he is tired of all the "Bay drama" and breaks up with Bay.