Bonnie Tamblyn-Dixon is the mother of Kathryn Kennish, the biological grandmother of Daphne Vasquez and Toby Kennish and the legal grandmother of Bay Kennish. She is also the biological great-grandmother of Toby's son, Carlton Kennish.


Bonnie makes her first appearance in the episode, Las Dos Fridas. She takes an immediate liking to Daphne, which causes her to alienate Bay. She also comments that she no longer sees Bay the same way now that she knows she's not her bioligical granddaughter. This causes her to have negative relationship with Kathryn, as well as Bay. Though, she attempts to make up with Bay after Daphne returns her gift. Before she leaves, Kathryn hands a check from John, buying her out of the car wash. She appears to be hurt by this, not uttering anything to her daughter as she leaves.

Further MentionsEdit

She was mentioned multiple times prior to her new appearance in season 4. When Bay finds out she's failing, she then states that maybe Grandma Bonnie was right about her, whereas John tells her not to pay attention to Kathryn's racist mother. Kathryn defends her mom, showing that despite her last visit, she still loves and respects her.

Bonnie's vaguely mentioned in season two, episode 4 when Kathryn reveals details about a guy she once dated to Regina. Regina asks her how her mother felt, Kathryn reveals she never told her about him, showing that the two did not have a very close/open relationship when she was younger as she has with Bay and Daphne.

In season two, episode 13, Bonnie's strained relationship with Kathryn is further emphasized. Though she makes no on screen appearance, she blames Kathryn for Toby rushing off into marriage while the two are having a conversation on the phone, then wants to take control of the preparations. Kathryn vents her frustrations of both her mother and Adrianna to her husband, as both are coming off as overbearing mothers interfering with her life. However. she soon bonds with Adrianna, who is trying to adapt to her own daughter's move away from the house.

Season 4Edit

In Fog and Storm and Rain,Bonnie returns with a friend and shocking news for Kathryn. She has been diagnosed with dementia and has plans to move to Paris with the friend. It is suspected that they are in a romantic relationship. By this point, she is less judgemental and seems nicer, which surprises everyone.

Physical Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Bonnie has short blonde hair, and green eyes that both Kathryn and Daphne have inherited. Bonnie is more than slightly judgemental, as shown when she admits to Kathryn that she "sees her ( meaning Bay) differently" now that she knows they are not biologically related. 


Mr. Dixon (ex-husband)


  • In Paradise Lost Kathryn said that Bonnie divorced her husband, saying "He started it."