"Bracing The Waves"[title 1] is the second episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season Four, and it is the seventy-sixth of the series overall. It was written by Henry Robles and directed by Micheal Lange. It was originally aired on January 13th, 2015.


Daphne struggles with the speed and depth of her coursework, which is made more difficult when her interpreter, Josh, picks and chooses what he will interpret for her. Bay tries to balance her long-distance relationship with Emmett and fulfilling her sentence, all while dealing with an aggressive person on her team.

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Song Artist Notes Link
Sinner or a Saint Caitlin Crosby Wakes up and begins a texting marathon with Emmett as she readies for her day. YouTube
Trouble Maker Gareth Dunlop Regina meets Owen. YouTube
Never Know the Word Lonely Madeleine Slate Bay IM’s with Emmett. YouTube
We Make Each Other Better Cathy Heller Vimla asks Daphne for her notes and rejoins the study group. YouTube


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1890 painting, Bracing The Waves, by Ivan Aivazovsky.


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