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Cameron Bledsoe is the father of Emmett and the ex-husband of Melody.

In He Did What He Wanted, Cameron wanted a cochlear implant but his son Emmett told him not to get it.


When he and Melody are going though a divorce he starts dating a younger woman named Olivia who started going deaf around high school. When Emmett sells his motorcycle after getting arrested he moves in with his father. Cameron is laid back when it comes to parenting Emmett. He allows Emmett to skip school to look for parts for his new motorcycle. He and Melody got into a huge custody battle, but in the end, he just wants what is best for Emmett, and gives Melody full custody. The last time he interacted with his ex-wife, he seemed to warm up to her, and the two are friends now. 

​Physical AppearanceEdit

He has light blonde straight hair, blue eyes, and wears glasses.


Cameron is deaf as are his ex-wife and son. He was never interested in a cochlear implant, but when his girlfriend Debbie encouraged it, he decided to get one, with the help of his friend Gabe.  


Melody Bledsoe (ex-wife)

  • Married: Prior to This Is Not a Pipe
  • Divorced: (Exact Time Unknown, Melody makes their separation public early in the first season.)

Olivia (ex-girlfriend)

Started up: sometime before Expulsion From the Garden of Eden (1x15)

End up: sometime before He Did What He Wanted (2x14)

Debbie (wife)

Start up: He Did What He Wanted (2x14)

Married: Oh, Future (3x14)

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