Carlton School For The Deaf is the high school where Emmett and Daphne (And later on Bay) attended. In the second episode, American Gothic, Liam Lupo says that Carlton is the only deaf high school in Kansas City. Emmett's mother Melody Bledsoe is a guidance counselor for the deaf school. Later, Bay's legal mother and Daphne's biological mother Kathryn Kennish volunteered as a drama teacher.

Current StudentsEdit

  • Daphne Vasquez
  • Emmett Bledsoe
  • Travis
  • Natalie Pierce
  • Jackson
  • Heather
  • Monica Hammond
  • Vivan Karney
  • Mason Lancaster
  • Josie Masters
  • Hannah
  • Antonio
  • Lacy
  • Mia
  • Jennifer (May be in the Pilot Program)
  • Tony (May be in the Pilot Program)
  • Amy (May be in the Pilot Program)
  • Howard (May be in the Pilot Program)
  • Liz (May be in the Pilot Program)
Pilot ProgramEdit
Hearing StudentsEdit

Former StudentsEdit


Former FacultyEdit


  • The Carlton mascot is the Mustang as seen in Write a Lonely Soldier.
  • Once the school was allowed to remain open, many of the deaf students thought the name shouldn't be 'school for the deaf'.(as said in "Introducing the Miracle")
  • Carlton was inspired by the real life Marlton School in Los Angeles.