"Dance Amongst Daggers"[title 1] is the fourth episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season One and the series overall. It was written by Steve Miner, and it was directed by Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux. It was originally aired on June 27th, 2011.


Kathryn hosts the Buckner Hall fundraiser at the Kennish house. She is anxious about the event, especially because a local reporter will be there. [...] Kathryn explains the switched at birth story to her guests but people continue to gossip and speculate their own stories about the switched situation.

ABC Family's Offical Summary


At night, Daphne and Liam buys food and beverage from Forno di Lupo food truck. They discuss about the zombies apocalypse and survival strategies, Daphne catches two words, “last girlfriend” on lipreading. She asks if she is his current girlfriend, which he replies that he hopes that she is his. Daphne smiles, “Me too.” They share a kiss and resume their apocalypse discussion. Their new relationship has begun.

In Bay’s garage room, while Bay paints her art, Kathryn enters to talk with her about storing few things in her garage room. She explains that she is going to host a fundraiser for Buckner Hall, Toby’s band will be there for play songs at the party, and to raise the money from scholarships that will attend Bay’s school. Bay is not happy to hear that, but her mom says she has to provide an united front because of the baby-switch secret is out.

When Regina shows up, Kathryn invites Vasquez family and her to her fundraiser party and, at that point, Regina tries to avoid the party, but Kathryn insists that she understands it is the last minute and still wants her family and her to come. Regina reluctantly accepts... but she tells Kathryn that Adrianna already had left to see her sister, Bay’s biological grandaunt.

When Daphne walks in, she is invited by Kathryn for the party that she is so excited. She asks Kathryn that if that is okay to bring her new boyfriend, which her mom approves. She asks her for his name, and Daphne replies, “Liam Lupo.”

That news shocks everyone, especially Bay!

Daphne realizes something is wrong. Kathryn explains that Liam is Bay’s boyfriend, but Bay corrects her that is he is now her ex. Despite Daphne insists that she has no idea, Bay refuses to accept what she said about Liam and, spitefully, she declares that she is also dated Ty. The situation results a hot drama between of two teens. Kathryn tells them to back off and says they needs to work out together about their dating.

In Bay’s garage room, Bay calls Tyler to tell him that she wants him to come to the party. Ty declines her invitation, so he tells her that he does really like her and wants to spend with her, but he states that the party with full of rich people is not really his preference. Which Bay is so disappointed and she hang her phone up.

Next day, at Carlton school, Daphne and Emmett are eating their lunch. Emmett asks if she gonna break up with Liam, yet. She says why would she? Emmett says she “steals” Bay’s family and now she is not supposed “to steal” Bay’s boyfriend. Daphne defends herself that she doesn’t take everything from Bay and corrects Emmett that Liam is now Bay’s former boyfriend. Emmett says that if Daphne wants an opinion from him… he brutally says that Liam is good damaged and that guy will be always Bay’s. She looks irritated.

At Buckner Hall, Bay is in the library for studying her works (homework?). Liam enters and talks to her that he didn’t know that Daphne is the switch baby and lives with Kennish family. But, then Liam and Bay gets in an argument over Daphne, but a student shushes them. Liam tells her that if he knows earlier, then it would be different. Bay won’t have it and she storms off.

At night, in the guest house, Regina asks Melody if she wants to come to Kathryn’s party, but Regina surprises that her friend is okay with going there. Melody informs her that her husband and she are separating now, but she insists her to not tell Emmett about his dad. Regina agrees to not say a word and she says she’s sorry about their marriage.

Daphne and Emmett shows up.

Now, they all sit and have a dinner together. Melody brings Daphne’s new boyfriend up and asks if he’s cute. Daphne agrees that he’s really cute. Emmett is not thrilled to see this conservation of the group. But, Regina says it’s not good idea because Liam and Daphne needs to be separated until things go cool down. Daphne balks, but Melody and Emmett agree with her legal mom.

At Kennish house, Kathryn is complaint about everyone will know about the switch and their girls are fighting over some boys. John gives her a campaign drink and assures her that it’ll be fine. He says if people start to ask questions, then they can tell that they’re moving forward. Bay shows up and informs their parents that Coraline Brightman just had called that Coraline’s mother actually invited a reporter, who is from Kansas City Herald, to be there at the fundraiser party. The Kennish parents realize that it might be bad.

At Daphne’s room, Daphne is in a robe. She picks her phone up when she sees a flash light and it is vibrating by a text message. It is from Liam and it says, “Can't wait to see you tonight.” Daphne looks sad, so she texts him back that she says that would be better if they keep a distance from each other for tonight.

In the guest house, in the kitchen room, Melody, Regina, and Daphne are now dressed up as formal and neat. Daphne says her dress will not save anything. Regina wonders why and she thought Daphne loves her dress, but she says she did and she wore it to the last five quinceañeras. She just wants to wear something elegant, so Regina surprises to see her saying that. She says Daphne never cared about labels before, but Daphne explains that she had never been to something fancier party before. Regina assures her that she’s so beautiful and doesn’t need any expensive clothes. Melody puts a flower on Daphne’s behind ear and she tells it won’t hurt to look good on her. Daphne smiles.

At Kennish house, Kathryn asks Toby that if his band is ready. He says it is ready to rock and roll. Bay walks in, her mom says Bay looks so beautiful and says she’s sorry that her friend (referring to Ty) is not coming. But, Kathryn asks how things with Daphne and she, and Bay replies it is fine. Melody, Regina, and Daphne comes in. Kathryn is wowed at Daphne’s pink dress and tells her that she’s beautiful. Bay and Daphne awkwardly glares at each other. John tells them to take a picture together, but the group says no.

As soon as doorbell rings is heard, Kathryn opens the door to invite Allen, Sue, and Denise in.

Somewhere in the house, Regina thinks she should change her dress. Daphne asks what happened to her uncaring about the labels, but her mom says she never expect this party is so fancier. Melody ‘fixes’ Regina’s dress by removing her blue scarf off and she says that nobody will look at Regina oddly.

At outside, Daphne is surprised at Liam’s being here and she is smiled when he tells him that she’s beautiful. She replies that he doesn’t look so bad, and he laughs. He says what that does meant?

At the band, Wilkie notices Bay walking around. He asks his friend, Toby, why is he asking Bay a date if she is not her biological sister. Toby says no. Wilkie asks if he minds him to have Bay. Toby agrees. Daphne walks in, she notices the two boys are not playing. She asks why they haven’t start to play. They explains his drummer is grounded for his mother busted him watching a porn. Now they try to find a different drummer… Daphne recommends Emmett for drummer, but they are skeptical because of his deafness. So, Daphne explains that her friend is really great drummer. Daphne explains a sound is vibration that he can feel the rhythm in his body. Toby tells her to get Emmett, which she will. Wilkie hilariously asks if Toby can date her sister. He gives him a look, “No”.

At somewhere, Kathryn talking to some ladies about what happened after the switch was discovered, while John talking to random people the same thing. Bay talking to her friends about TV movie and the switch. A random girl shows up and talks to Bay about how cool Daphne is, but she wonders why she doesn’t look like Bay. Puzzled, Bay points out that the difference between switched and separated at birth.

Daphne introduces Emmett to Toby and Wilkie. Emmett critically signs to Daphne about the boys that they look like a poser and he doubts they can play a music. Daphne glares at him, and Wilkie wants to know what Emmett says. Daphne replies that her friend is just excited to play a real band with them. Liam comes to Daphne and tells her that he wants to talk with her. Daphne informs Emmett if he needs anything, he can find her. When Daphne and Liam leaving, Emmett doesn’t look happy. Toby asks Emmett if he is ready to play, which Emmett replies rock on.

Bay calls Tyler again. She tries to convince him to come to the party but he still declines her invitation. She sighs and hangs her phone up.

At outside, Liam and Daphne talking. He tells her that he really likes her and wants to kiss her. She agrees and says she does like him, too. But, she also says she can kiss him later. Liam’s friends, Zane, Dan, and Joe, shows up, and Liam introduces his girlfriend to his friends. They all are chatting together. Emmett sees those people and Daphne, he looks so jealous and mad. Bay walks in and notices Emmett glaring at Daphne… she realizes that he still does have a feeling for that Deaf girl. Bay grabs a wine to drink it.

Toby, Wilkie, and Emmett starts to play a song, and it goes very well. Everyone cheers and applauses. The two boys are impressive with his drummer skill and they continue to play and sing. Melody is there and she smiles at his son.

Regina watches to listen the music that Guitar Face playing and singing. Bruce sees her and he goes to talk with her. They have a chat about rich schools, their kids, tuitions, and they critiques expensive college fees. Bruce says he has two sons who enrolled in a school and asks Regina if she’s a new Buckner parent, but she says no. But, she says her kids have a good grade. Bruce asks her for dance, so she accepts. Denise sees them dancing and she looks concern.

Kathryn overhears a rumor that her husband had an affair, and she is upset to hear that. Denise comes to inform Kathryn that Denise did see Bruce hits it off with Regina. Denise points out at Bruce and Regina that Kathryn can see them chatting. Kathryn decides to go to the stage where Guitar Face is there. She gets everyone's attention, so she reminds people that the silent auction is open throughout the evening. She publicly thanks John for Jerseys and free detailing at Kennish Car Wash. She calls John but he is not here…

At somewhere else, John and Melody talking about donations, bids, and his baseball history. Regina finds them, but she mistakes them for flirting.

While Toby, Wilkie and Emmett are still playing and singing, Liam and Daphne dances together, and Emmett is bothered by seeing them together. When the song is end, the two boys praise Emmett for his awesome drumming.

Another random girl walks up to Emmett and she verbally commends him for his drumming. Emmett has a difficult time to catch up with lipreading on her mouth, so he tells her that he’s deaf. She realizes that and she apologizes, “Oh, I’m so sorry. Never mind.” She walks away in embarrassment.

Regina meets Daphne each other, and they share their dance moments with the guys. But, Regina warns her that their dating could hurt their families if Liam and Daphne are continued dating. She explains that the reason they were moved in with Kennish Family so they could have a better relationship with those Kennish people. Daphne disagrees with that one dance could hurt their relatives, but Regina asks if Daphne wills to risk it.

Daphne looks considering...

Kathryn notices John and Melody are (still) chatting and, seemingly, they’re flirting. Kathryn is bothered by their actions, so Regina finds Kathryn there and she notices John and Melody talking, too. Regina assures Kathryn that it’s nothing to worry about and she notes that Melody is married. Kathryn nods in understanding, but she tells Regina that she saw her dancing with Bruce. She warns Regina that he’s bad news.

Regina comes to Melody and she tells her off about “flirting” with John. Melody looks irritated. She assures that it’s not flirting, but it’s just chatting. Regina insists her to not talk with him, and she says that she already has problems with Kathryn. Melody looks so disappoint but agrees with what Regina says so.

Kathryn confronts John that she doesn’t appreciate him “flirting” with Melody, John says he is not. But, a reporter, Tina Choi, is here… Ms. Choi says that she is inspired by their families did blend together so well, despite the baby-switch situation. The reporter says everyone will talk about their situation by Monday. Kathryn looks uneasy to hear that.

Regina find Bay being alone, so her biological mom says that she assumes Ty is not coming. Bay confirms that Ty is not, and is complaint about missing out some fun. Bay is about to drink a wine, but her drink is taken away by Regina. She scolds her that it won’t make any better. Bay watches the Kennish family being photographed by those reporters. She looks hurt…

Daphne notices Emmett leaving the place, and she stops him. Daphne wants to know why he has to leave early, but he says this place sucks. Daphne says those people are nice and he’s not even trying. Emmett refuses, so Daphne realizes something. She asks if it’s because of Liam. Emmett and she gets in argument about Deaf and Hearing relationship doesn’t mix up, and he doesn’t understand why Daphne wants to be like Hearing. Daphne reminds him that her parents are ones of them and she firmly says she does really like Liam whether Emmett approves or not. Emmett angers that he says “Fine, but don’t call me.” He storms out.

Toby tells his “most tragic” story (about the baby switch) to the same girl who can’t tell which babies at switch or separated. She goes, “Oh my god. You poor baby!” She hugs him tightly. Toby smugs behind her back.

Kathryn sees Daphne being alone. Her biological mom asks her if she enjoys herself and Daphne replies she has a great time. Kathryn says she’s sorry that the party makes Daphne feel the party is like a zoo she is in. Her mom says that people can be mean, but Daphne assures her that she’s used to people who staring at her for being deaf and different from those “normal” people. Daphne adds to note some people are just curious about how she handles her deafness, so she wants to make sure that she does her best to make people feel comfortable. Kathryn smiles and excuses herself to the stage where Guither Face had played there.

On the stage, Kathryn tries to get everyone attention but it seems some guests ignore her speech. So, she continues her speech, anyway. She says she thanks to everyone for coming here, but she feels uneasy when people glares at her. Kathryn finally decides to get it straight that she has to tell the whole truth about the baby switch. At first, she refutes the claim (comes from a rumor) about John having an affair with Regina and Daphne’s their child. She points out that if Regina really did that and Kathryn would have not her in Kennish House. Kathryn understands it’s nature for anybody who wants to gossip about something. She wants to answer the question that people want to know. Her answer is Kennish and Vasquez families are doing fine. She looks at her watch and realizes the silent auction will close in 10 minutes. Kathryn encourages those guests to get bidding now. She promises everyone that she will answer their questions right after donations and auctions. Applauses and cheers are heard.

Daphne is alone again, but Bay notices her. They once again have an argument over Liam; Daphne critiques Bay’s bad attitude and moody, while Bay critiques Daphne’s nice personality. Bay accuses Daphne that she tries “to steal” Bay’s life, and also, Daphne accused Bay for playing the victim. Bay points out that if Bay finds out that Liam is Daphne’s ex-boyfriend, she would have break up with him already. Bay also acknowledges that she is not good at sports, school, or being nice, but she does know how to keep a guy interested. She tells her off that Daphne should think twice before she goes out with any guy.

Bruce comes to Regina. He tells her that he won a dinner for two at Terrace in the silent auction, then he asks her out. Regina reluctantly agrees.

Daphne walks alone… but Liam finds her. They share a kiss. Liam notices that Daphne looks sad and asks her what is wrong. Daphne explains that their relationship will upset Bay, but she also says that Bay only one who understand what Daphne goes through the baby switch situation. Daphne says that she wishes that it didn’t happen to their relationship or she has not to talk about Bay, but she did and will do. Daphne says she does really like him very much, but, ultimately, Daphne tearfully explains that she has to choose her family over him. She dumped him, officially. Liam asks if she is so sure about their breakup, she replies that she doesn’t want to but she’s doing what she has to. They hugs each other and then Daphne leaves. Liam looks so upset.

In Kennish house, at the kitchen room, John talking to Kathryn that his Jersey finally is sold for a lot. She cheers that it’s great to hear, and she says the totals are better this year than last year. John asks her if she can encourage guests to leave the party earlier, so they can go celebrate together in private. Kathryn smiles and says that she’ll see what she can do. They share a kiss before John leaves to somewhere.

Toy comes in the kitchen, Kathryn catches him and ask him to hide something in somewhere. Toby realizes it is John’s Jersey shirt that she secretly brought. Kathryn shushes him to be quiet about that.

Bay sits alone and is about to drink some more wine, but she stops and pours her drink in a fire pit. She sighs, but she sees Tyler is here and he is in his formal suit. Bay is so thrilled to see him being here. Tyler asks her if she wants to get out of the party, and she absolutely agrees. They then leaves together.

At the front Kennish house, Daphne walks around alone once again… she tosses a flower away from her hair. She sees Bay and Tyler driving away and Daphne is hurt and upset at them.

The CastEdit




  • Tina Huang as Tina Choi (reporter)
  • Alexandra Shipp as Ashley
  • Skyler Vallo as Chelsea
  • Brandon Jones as Liam's Friend
  • Kirsten Roeters as Female Party Guest #1
  • Corie Vickers as Female Party Guest #2

Music FeaturedEdit

Song Artist Notes Link
Hey Stephen Wayne Baird Daphne and Liam have fun while eating together. YouTube
My Own Drum Jules Larson Kathryn tells Bay and Regina they must come to a fundraiser on Saturday. YouTube
Pleasures (That I Call Mine) Ten Year Vamp Bay pleads with Ty to go to the fundraiser with her. YouTube
Starting Over Starting Now Brandon Chandler Kathryn greets Regina, Daphne and Melody. YouTube
A Rising Tide Dagger Kathryn greets arrivals at the door. YouTube
Shady John Neal Emmett meets Wilke and is ready to play in the band. YouTube
All I Want Is Lucas Grabeel Emmett, Toby and Wilke play in the band. YouTube
Love is Everywhere Andrea Perry & Sarah Sharp Bruce asks Regina out on a date at end of fundraiser. YouTube
Sunshine Lucas Grabeel Emmett, Tony and Wilke play in the band at fundraiser party. YouTube
Darker Side of Me Numa Emmett is at the drums and watches Daphne with Liam. YouTube
Helpless, Hopeless Ryanhood A girl from fundraiser approaches Emmett after bands performance by stage to tell him how great he played. YouTube
Fragments Rocky Votolato Regina gets on Daphne about dancing with Liam. YouTube
Uh-Huh I Think You Know It Aleesha Kathryn gives Regina advice about Bruce. YouTube
Impulse New Faces Emmett gets upset about Daphne and Liam dancing. (The Song and artist have been transposed) YouTube
Take Me Away VM John and Kathryn work things out between them. YouTube
A Better Way Buddha Belly Bay tells Daphne that she doesn't want him dating Ty. YouTube
Jar Of Hearts Christina Perri End. This song is heard when Ty shows up in a suit, leaves with Bay and when Daphne sees them. YouTube
Don't Even Know Michael Kisur No information. YouTube


  • To be added.


  • Two songs, "Sunshine" and "All I Want Is", are played by Lucas Grabeel who plays his character, Toby Kennish.

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Title ReferenceEdit

  1. The title is referred to the 1881 painting, Dance Amongst Daggers, by James Tissot.


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