"Dogs Playing Poker"[title 1] is the fifth episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season One and the series overall. It was written by Joy Gregory, and it was directed by Bethany Rooney. It was originally aired on July 4th, 2011.


Toby enlists Daphne and Emmett’s to help at Wilke’s poker game because of their ability to read people. At the poker game, things are going very well for Toby! In fact, he wants Emmett and Daphne to stay awhile longer. Daphne told Bay she would be at the dinner with their families and Ty, so she’s hesitant to stay, but Toby talks her into it. Emmett, however, is tired of helping Toby win unfairly, so he leaves. During the final hand, Daphne misreads Wilke and Toby loses – big time. He is furious with Daphne.

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At Tyler’s house, during night hours, Bay and Ty are having a dry sex, but she stopped to ask him if he has any kind of protection. And he does not. Disappointed, Bay says they should be prepared next time. Later time, Ty takes Bay to her home and they share a kiss until John catches them. John now knows Bay is lying about her staying at Simone’s.

John and Kathryn lectures at Bay about the lying and a lack of trust. Bay points out that if she asks her parents a permission for Bay staying at Tyler’s and they would disapprove that. Kathryn realizes Bay might have sex with Ty, which Bay denies that. Before all of three could start an argument, Bay suggests them that they discuss about Bay’s ground but the parents say no. They says that they don’t plan to, but, instead of grounding, they will do something “worse” for her. Kennish parents dismiss Bay, so she goes to her room.

Now, they’re both discussing Bay’s punishment together.

John wants to forbid Bay from seeing Ty, and Kathryn disagrees. She points out that if they keep Bay from hanging out with him, she would find a way to see him. Kathryn says Regina and Daphne are the reason that Bay met Ty. She notes that Bay is trying to figure who she might have been, and what kind of life she might have had. John then asks what they would do?

In morning hours, Bay comes in the kitchen but she notices her mom acts a bit strange; Kathryn smiles at her and she then prepares Bay a cereal and a milk. She asks mom about grounding, Kathryn replies her parents are not going to ground her, besides, they knew Bay would just sneak out, anyway. Mom reveals that John and she actually invites Ty for dinner, which surprises Bay. Bay warns that John would not be okay with that, Kathryn assures her that they just want to get know Ty better. Bay disappoints that it’s so hypocritical because she dated Liam for months and it never happened to her and him. But, her mom says they knew Liam and his family, and Tyler who lives in a different neighborhood. But, Kathryn assures that her dad and she have a reason of why they want to get to know him more better.

In the Kennish guest house, Daphne is still in a pajama suit and she looks so gloomy. Regina asks her if it is about Liam. Daphne complains that Bay and Emmett were against her dating with Liam last night. Regina says it will work out, so Daphne doubts that. Regina notices Toby is doing with his musical objects at outside. Regina suggests Daphne to hang out with her brother because he was only one who didn’t against her. Daphne agreed.

Daphne, now in a neat casual suit, comes to see Toby. She asks what he is doing today, he says he is going to see his buddies for playing a poker. Daphne says Deaf people are tended to reply on facial expressions and body language through “speaking” ASL. So, she explains that Deaf people are good at playing poker by reading facial tics and nervous scratches. It is like a ‘superhero power.’ Toby is amazed to hear that and he wants her to come with him for his poker time.

Emmett arrives with his own motorbike.

Daphne suggest that Toby should invite her friend, stating that Emmett is better at playing a poker than Daphne. Toby commends Emmett for his amazing drumming last night. Daphne asks Emmett if he is still angry at her, but he apologizes to her. He says it was stupid of him, and he was in bad mood. He asks Daphne to forgive him, which she does. Daphne invites Emmett to join with Toby and his buddies for “miniature golf“ time.

Kathryn gets white roses that she thought it is from John, but he tells her it is not him. She reads a card and it says those roses are from Bruce. In the guest house, Kathryn brings the white flowers to Regina. She once again warns Regina that Bruce did cheat on his three former wives (including Denise) and he is a player. Regina tells her that she is not interested in be his wife but wants a relationship with him. She reminds her that she’s a grown woman, so Bruce is. Also, Regina haven’t any fun with anybody for while. Kathryn asks her if what she is meant by “fun”, Regina looks annoyed. So, she says she recalls Kathryn did (specifically) mention no rules in her mansion. Kathryn insists it’s free to change custom curtains if she wants, but she is not approved Regina having sex with her friend’s ex-husband. She is irritated that she, sarcastically, asks if there is a list of who she can and cannot socialize with whoever else. Kathryn says she just asks her to not bring the man in her guest house. Regina resorts that she is not, but she will bring him to Adrianna’s, so Kathryn agrees and tells her to enjoy the flowers before she storms out.

Bay informs John that she is going to see Ty, but John decides that he will take her to Ty’s place. At Tyler’s, Bay tells Ty that her parents want him to come to her house for dinner. Ty heard a honking outside, Bay bewares that is her dad. Ty is unsure about going to the dinner with parents, but she assures him that Regina and Daphne will be there. John keeps honking, so Bay has to go.

When Bay gets in the car, John and Bay have a brief argument about Ty. She asks her dad why he is afraid of her seeing that guy. John thinks 19 years old guys are pigs and they only care about sex, but Bay says it is not like him. John refuses to hear anything from her, Bay angrily tells him off to not do that, besides, he is the one who started. Her dad resorts that Bay is started this discussion, and Bay refuted, “By growing up?” He is paused for moment, then he nods, “Yeah”. They drives off to home.

At Kennish’s, Toby reads a newspaper about the party from last night. Kathryn notices that article and asks if how it was. Toby jokes about how many champagne she had drank, but he says it was great.

In the guest house, Regina reads the same newspaper, but she is upset that the article claimed her Vasquez family was “plucked” from East Riverside. Adrianna is, too, bothered by the quote, in the newspaper, says Daphne successfully managed her ‘handicap’. They are not happy with that news.

Bay brings a newspaper to Daphne and she commends that Daphne did look great in that article. Daphne ignores her, but Bay insists that she wants a favor from Daphne. She signs “favor” and says that she learns from American Sign Language dictionary on YouTube. Daphne is still bitter and ignores her, so Bay firmly stands on that she says that she’s apologized for being not so nice last night. She knows that she’s not approved their dating, but she can onboard on that. Daphne reveals that Liam and she are not in relationship anymore. Bay realizes that. She says she didn’t try to make her break up with Liam, so it’s a messed up situation. Daphne agrees. Bay informs that what happened in this early morning with Ty, now their parents invited him to the dinner with their family. Daphne understands that Bay wants her to be there, so she agreed to go there. Bay thanks Daphne so much.

John stomps in and he complains to Regina and Kathryn that the newspaper didn’t get facts right; the article claims John said, “In a way it's the best of both worlds. Our family is stronger than ever.” Which he never had said that. An another part of the content didn’t sound like Kennish and Vasquez families are distressed. He points out that they are in middle of suing the hospital, so he bitters that he doesn’t want anybody thinks it’s okay to screw other families by switching their babies. He demands a call from the reporter for some follow up article.

In laundry room, Kathryn and Regina are doing some laundry. Kathryn asks her if she knows about Ty coming to the dinner tonight. Regina says Daphne did inform her, also, she double booked with Bruce but she can stay until 8pm. Kathryn asks her if she did invite Ty for dinner, Regina replies it’s often. Kathryn wonders that Regina would worry if Daphne and Ty having a dinner together alone, but Regina wonders why Kathryn is worried about sex stuff. She says Kathryn could just talk with Bay about that. Kathryn says she did try to discuss with Bay, but it didn’t go well. Kathryn is confident that Bay is smart, but it is not her she is worried about. It is Ty. Regina resorts that Tyler is smart, too. Kathryn asks her to tell more about Tyler, so Regina answers some information about Tyler; he is part of Cherokee, he is raised by his great aunt, and he is a champion spades player. But, Regina knows that is not what Kathryn looks for. Kathryn worries about Bay and Ty might have sex. Regina asks her if she ever seen Ty without shirt, but she says no and has Regina? Regina smiles to say now that’s a washing machine.

Toby tries to convince Daphne and Emmett to follow his path, but they don’t want to cheat a game. They thought they will play for themselves, but Toby explains that they can give him a signal when Wilkie bluffs. They still don’t want to be cheaters. Toby sighs and then he says it’s about “free-for-all” game and respect. Emmett asks how will they split the pot, Toby replies it’s 50-50. Emmett refutes in signing, “No, all ⅓ of us.” Toby hesitantly agrees, but shushes them that if Kennish parents ask them where they are going, they will say they ‘play a golf.’ Emmett sarcastically signs to Daphne that Toby is great influence at cheating and lying.

In Bay’s room, Kathryn tries to discuss with Bay about sex, but she tells her that John did already discuss about that topic earlier. Bay assures her mom that she will not do anything so fool or reckless, sexting, or take a nude photo. She notes that she is old enough to make a decision. Kathryn says that is not what she will talk about, but she explains that when it comes to the right person, it can be wonderful and should be; someone should make her feel as amazing as she is, no matter what the circumstances are. Bay smiles and thanks her mom. So, when Kathryn starts to lecture some sex talk, Bay instantly feel uncomfortable that she has to tell her off that she is done. She then leaves her room.

In the kitchen, before Daphne is about to leave, Bay catches her and she begs Daphne to take her somewhere. But, Daphne has a plan with Toby and Emmett for “miniature golf”. Bay realizes what Toby is up to. She warns Daphne that Toby didn’t always win “golf mini games”. She recalls that, last year, Toby had to use Bay’s birthday money to pay his debt off after his lose to the game. Daphne assures that Emmett and she will help with him, but Bay insists that is big mistake and knew him better than Daphne is. Kathryn and Toby come in the kitchen, Toby calls Daphne to be ready to go. Their mom asks where they will go, so Toby says it’s a mini golf. Bay knew what Toby is meant by, so Bay thought he never ‘play a golf again.’ Toby replies it’s time and practice, so he’s ready for “golfing”. Bay and Toby are somewhat butt-heading, Kathryn asks if they are all right. Daphne says everything is great. When Toby and Daphne are leaving, Bay looks concern.

At Mission Hills, Toby introduces his friends, Cheves and Haruka, to Daphne and Emmett. Cheves remembers Daphne taught him a nasty sign (douchebag), she replies that she did teach him. Wilkie asks if Daphne, and Emmett did pay a membership fee, but Daphne tells Toby that Emmett and she doesn’t know that they have to pay a fee. Fortunately, Wilkie excuses their lack of payment, so he let them play the poker. Before the game begins, Cheves wonders if players could use ASL for secret codes, but Wilkie forbids it. Emmett and Daphne are okay with that. For unspecific hours passed, all friends are continuing to play the game. Daphne secretly observes Wilkie’s leg (under the table) whether if it is shakily tapped or not, trying to determine his body language. When Daphne notices his leg seemingly gets nervous, she sips a pop can, signaling Toby. Wilkie bids two Jack cards, and then Toby beats him with his King and Ten cards. Toby wins. Bay texts to ask Daphne where she is, but Daphne ignores her message.

Tyler arrives at Kennish mansion with pink flowers. Bay is happy to see him here, but she is nervous about the dinner. Kathryn and John comes to see him, Ty gives the flowers to Kathryn. She is touched by his generousness. John offers him a beer, but Ty says he’ll go with soda instead. Bay doesn’t appreciate John’s test on Tyler.

Regina and Adrianna are here. They are glad to see the kids, Regina warns Tyler to not bring politics up that she has to reveal John does own his guns. Regina and her mom joins John and Kathryn. Ty notes that Daphne is still not here, he says he thought she’d be here... but Bay assures that he doesn’t have to worry because Regina and Adrianna are here. They are still outnumbered Kennish parents, through.

At Mission Hills, the game is over. Daphne tells Toby that she has a dinner with Kennish family and she really needs to go now. Toby insists her to stay for few more games and he says that he still owes Wilkie some money. Daphne refuses to help him with his fiscal problem, but Toby tells them that they save his life and wants to clear his debts. He begs Daphne to stay here for her brother. Daphne resentfully agrees, so Toby tells Emmett that he can figure Cheves’ behavior out for Toby. He bluntly tells him off that Emmett is not his trained monkey. He states that he refuses to help Toby to get out of his debt, since Toby is the one who got himself in a hole. Emmett firmly says that he is done with his games, so he leaves. Daphne still stays at the game.

When Bruce arrives at Kennish’s, Regina is so glad to see him. She introduces him to her mother, Adrianna. Kathryn comes to see and hug Bruce. She tells him that she wants to send a Buckner Hall bulletin to Isabella, so she wonders if Isabella is still at Dixon Drive House. Bruce hesitantly replies that she is still at there. Kathryn then asks if Bruce has Sabrina’s new address, yet. He says that he will get it to her later. Regina asks who Isabella and Sabrina are, Bruce reveals that they are his ex-wives. Regina doesn’t like what Kathryn is doing, so Regina says she already knows about Denise. John comes to see him and shakes their hands. Bruce says he saw a newspaper about the party last night. John doesn’t appreciate the “handicap” part, Bruce agrees that those news reporters should consult a dictionary. Bruce tells them that Regina and he should go for their night date. Bay and Ty rushes to Regina that Bay insists her to stay here, but Regina tells her that she already settled a reservation. So, they must go now. Bay looks upset.

At dinner table, John, Kathryn, Bay, and Tyler are eating and talking… John questions Ty about his personal life. Ty tells them that he got his G.E.D. but he didn’t go to any college. Kathryn understands and says John never went to college, but John says he did go to Major League Baseball for career college. Bay says Ty does have a job, but Ty corrects her that he actually got laid off from a construction. John is not impressed with Ty for have no jobs or some colleges. John asks him if he has any plan, Bay says he does. Ty reveals that he is enlisted in the army, shocking and upsetting Bay. The Kennish parents are impressed to hear that. He says he has nine weeks basic training and then three years active duty. John asks when Ty will leave, he answers that he will go to Fort Benning on Thursday.

After dinner is over, Bay is loading dirty dishes at the kitchen. Ty apologies to her about not telling her sooner. Ty knows Bay wouldn’t understand, but he believes it’s right for him himself. Bay disagrees; she says it’s not fair. Ty says he wants Daphne and Regina to be here at dinner for that reason. Bay and Tyler had a brief argument, but she asks if he is really going to Fort Benning, which he says yeah.

At Mission Hills, the game is continuing until Cheves and Haruka drop out when Wilkie bets $1,000. Daphne is shocked at his bid, but she still observes Wilkie’s body language quietly. Toby and Wilkie bid some more thousands. The last card is three heart cards, Queen, 8, and 6, and one spade card, Queen. Daphne misread Wilkie’s leg before Toby bids more than his previous bid. Toby hands two heart cards, 9 and 4, which Wilkie beats him by diamond Queen and club 8. Wilkie informs Daphne that he knew that she was trying to determine him. He taps his leg as he smirks at her. Toby looks pretty pissed off.

At Kennish’s, Kathryn is happy that Ty will not around very much, but John points out that Bay will find some similar guys, anyways. But, he feels guilty that he may push Bay too much. John shares his memory with Kathryn about Bay was a little girl used to play a swing. But, he laments that he still can’t stop Bay from being heartbroken.

Regina and Bruce had a great date night, through Regina didn’t enjoy her meal. They have a brief chat, and she asks him if he wants to park someplace else. He agrees, so they goes off somewhere.

Toby and Daphne gets home. Toby is so furious with Daphne, accusing her for kept telling him more bids. Daphne defends herself that she’s Deaf and not some superhero. Toby looks so irritated. He asks if she has any idea how much cost him, but she says she doesn’t know, so she assumed it’s more than four thousands dollars. Toby shakes his head and storms out.

At Bay’s garage car, Bay is doing some arts. Ty texts her that he needs to see her and he asks if she can come. Bay goes off to see him. Regina finally gets home. Bay sees her being here, and she asks her mother about Tyler. Regina is not surprised to hear that Ty has to leave in three days for army. She explains that those guys who lived in East Riverside did go to the military and their and Ty’s world is different from Bay’s. Bay says she goes head out, Regina knew what she meant by. But, Bay doesn’t want another lecture about sex stuff. Regina corrects her that it is not what Regina will discuss about that. She explains that Bay just can’t keep him from leaving, even if she has good moments with her dating.

Next morning, Bay brings an art to Ty. The picture, Ax Girl, is a little girl in a pink dress, wears a camo helmet, and holds an ax. Ty is touched by this and thanks her for that. Ty tries to apologies, but Bay understands his intention. She doesn’t want Ty to say anything if he doesn’t know when he will be back home. Ty agrees. They share a kiss that leads to make out together, but Ty remembers he has a condom. They go for some kissing until she stops him that she says she can’t do it. She tells him that she just comes here to say goodbye to Ty. She leaves his home.

At Kennish’s, Bay enters in the kitchen and hugs Kathryn. She sobs that she really misses Ty so much. Kathryn understands. Bay tells her that they didn’t have sex, not because she didn’t want to, but it didn’t seem right thing to do. It is much relieved to her mom.

At Vasquez’s home, Daphne, Regina, and Adrianna say goodbye to Ty before Ty is departing. Before he has gone to Benning, he signs to Daphne that he will miss her. Daphne smiles, “Be safe.” They hug each other.

At night time, Bay is doing her art stuff. Daphne comes to see her and to apologize about missed the dinner last night. Daphne also tells Bay that she is right about Toby’s gambling; she says she tries to help with his gambling but she just did make it so worse. Bay hears a car engine outside. They goes to see Toby. He says he is going to pawnshop and drives off. Bay asks Daphne how much he lost money, but she replies that Toby didn’t say anything. Bay realizes it’s really bad.

The CastEdit




  • Aaron Todd Kessee as Cheves
  • Taylor Tan as Haruka

Music FeaturedEdit

Song Artist Notes Link
More of You MoZella At beginning, Bay and Ty kissing. YouTube
I Thought About You The Beautiful Girls To be added YouTube
Kick In the Teeth Papa Roach During the poker game. Official YouTube
Tear Myself Apart Gods of Macho To be added Unavailable
This Is War Unknown artist To be added YouTube
Monday The Sea and Cake To be added YouTube
Gone Away Lucy Schwartz When Bay kisses and says goodbye to Ty at his house. YouTube


Kathryn: Do you think they might be having sex?
Regina: Have you seen Ty without a shirt?
Kathryn: No! Have you?
Regina: Now that’s a washing machine!
[Kathryn and John think Bay is having sex with Ty]
John: What are we gonna do?
Kathryn: Well, we can’t stop her from seeing him.
John: (chuckles) Oh, yes we can.
Kathryn: If we do that, we are gonna be raising Ty Junior in a year.
John: That’s not funny.


  • While it is not subtitled, Emmett angrily says, “$400? Membership fee? $400? I don’t know that!” This was happened after Wilkie asked Toby if Daphne and Emmett did pay a membership fee.



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Title ReferenceEdit

  1. From the 1903 painting series, Dogs Playing Poker, by C.M. Coolidge.


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