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Elisa Sawyer

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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Around 18-19
Height: About 5'3" (160 cm)
Interests: Politics
Relatives: Patricia Sawyer(mother)
Partners: Toby Kennish (kissed)
First Appearance
Episode: Drive in the Knife

Zoey Deutch

Elisa Sawyer is a teenage girl. She is the daughter of John Kennish's opposing candidate for senator.

Personal LifeEdit

Elisa meets Toby Kennish while helping out for the campaign of his father, John Kennish. Elisa flirts with Toby and they end up kissing in her hot tub and Elisa takes her bikini top off and shows off her boobs until Elisa's mother sees them and realizes her daughter is kissing her competition's son. She is revealed to have bipolar disorder by her mother in the episode Introducing the Miracle.