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Emmett Bledsoe is the best friend and former fellow schoolmate of Daphne Vasquez at Carlton School for the Deaf. He is portrayed by Sean Berdy.


Emmett was born to Melody and Cameron Bledsoe, who are a deaf couple. He inherited being deaf and grew up mostly with deaf people. He spent his time with fellow "deafie" Daphne Vasquez, whom he developed a crush on at an early age. He is considered to be best friends with Daphne Vasquez.


Emmett has known the Vasquez family for years. He protected Daphne from bullies when she was little. After that, his mother, Melody, also became close friends with Daphne's mother, Regina. Emmett shows an interest in photography. According to Daphne, he is a huge fan of the Royals, where her biological father, John, used to play third base. After meeting Bay, Emmett falls for her and continues to keep a connection even after broken up twice.

Season 1[]

In This Is Not a Pipe, he shows distaste for Toby, who, despite Daphne's attempted explanation of deaf culture, continually makes gaffes often committed by hearing people. Emmett is an excellent driver and often gives Daphne rides on the back of his motorcycle, much to the horror of an overly-protective Kathryn.

Emmett is an extremely talented drummer, as he is able to feel the vibrations of the music through his body. He first drums with Toby's band, because they were desperate for a replacement during the Kennishes' Buckner Hall fundraiser in Dance Amongst Daggers. He describes Toby's band as "looking like a bunch of posers."

Emmett also disliked Liam, because of his relationship with Daphne. It is heavily implied that Emmett was attracted to Daphne. When describing "the perfect girl for him," he says she would need to be "funny, smart, pretty, into motorcycles AND deaf." Whenever Daphne speaks about Liam, Emmett seemed sad and agitated and watched sadly from afar when Liam and Daphne were together.

Emmett had previously expressed that relationships between deaf and hearing people inherently cannot work, due to the cultural and communication barriers between them. He changes his mind when he gets to know Bay in The Persistence of Memory, and grows close to her throughout the episode while helping her locate her father. In The Stag Hunt, Daphne senses an attraction between the pair and confronts Emmett at school, asking about what is going on between him and Bay. He insists that nothing is going on and it is implied that Daphne is left unconvinced. At the end of the episode, he waits for Bay outside her school. He signs that he likes her before kissing her and walking away, leaving Bay clearly stunned.

In Pandora's Box, Bay confronts him about the shared kiss, which ends only in more kissing and the beginning of a secret romance. However, after seeing Emmett's collection of pictures and texts with Daphne, which she calls his "Daphne shrine" Bay becomes jealous. When she discovers Regina's secret, she turns to Emmett for comfort, only to be frustrated by their inability to clearly communicate. She nearly ends their relationship, but Emmett grabs her hand and holds her while she cries in his arms.

Soon, Bay decides it is time to tell Daphne about her relationship with Emmett. As she is about to reveal her secret, Daphne confides to Bay that she has grown to like Emmett as more than a friend. Bay realizes that for years Emmett has been waiting for this and becomes unsure of her relationship with Emmett. As Daphne begins pursuing Emmett, she finds he is dating Bay. Daphne tells Bay that she will not give up pursuing Emmett. After kissing Daphne at the Kennish car wash, Emmett realizes that he no longer wants Daphne. Just as Bay comes to terms with the idea that Emmett may be more interested in Daphne than in her, Emmett proceeds to verbally communicate for the first time since he saw Daphne being bullied, telling Bay: "I...just...want...you."

He comes to a point of friction with his mother Melody when he decides to take speech therapy. Melody believes Bay has pressured him into this and disapproves of their relationship. After being arrested for vandalizing a billboard for Bay's birthday present, Emmett moves in with his more laid-back father, Cameron, and his very liberal girlfriend, Olivia. Relations between Melody and Cameron are heated and it becomes clear that disputes about Emmett's living situation are not all about what is best for Emmett. After speaking with Bay, Cameron realizes that Emmett is better off with Melody and relinquishes all custody. Emmett is forced to move back in with Melody. Emmett is livid that Bay would get involved in the custody battle, after he expressly asked her not to and she promised him she wouldn't. In his anger, he sleeps with Simone after Daphne's basketball tournament.

In Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time, Emmett asks Bay to the Carlton prom. Riddled with guilt, Emmett eventually tells Bay he slept with Simone. Bay, hurt, breaks up with him and leaves the prom in tears.

In This Is the Color of My Dreams, Bay returns from a summer school trip to the Galapagos, seeming to have moved on with a boy named Alex. It is clear that Emmett still has feelings for her. He designs a street-art timeline of their relationship to show her how much he still cares for her. When Bay sees the mural, she confronts him. He asks if she saw the timeline and she just looks at him. He tells her to say something, she replies with asking him how can she move on when he does something like this. Emmett he tells her he doesn't want her to move on, and that they are bigger than his mistake. Bay says that he can't put the 'meant to be' card, when he tells her they are meant to be together. She implies that she may still have feelings for him, however, she is still too hurt and cannot forgive him.

In The Intruder, Emmett and Daphne enter Dawn of the Deaf, the film they made for Emmett's birthday into a film festival. Toby, upset about Simone's betrayal, treats Emmett coldly, pushing him down when touches his arm to attempt to apologize at the Kennish house. When Bay asks Emmett what happened he says he deserved it.

In Tree of Forgiveness, Emmett meets Robin, a deaf girl and fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Daphne encourages him to pursue Robin, but Emmett rejects the idea, telling her that he has already found his perfect girl in Bay and is still waiting for her. Daphne tells him he can't wait forever.

In We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships, Toby decides to forgive Emmett for sleeping with Simone. Toby and Emmett start anew, becoming friends again. They agree to make music together, along with Toby's new friend Nikki.

In Street Noises Invade the House, Bay runs into Emmett right as she prepares to run away to Mexico. He picks up on her intention to leave and notifies the Kennishes. He and John follow Bay on her way to Mexico tracking her using her cell phone. Once they find Bay, she realizes how much Emmett cares for her. Emmett tells Bay he will always find her. The two nearly kiss, but they are interrupted by the headlights of John's car.

Season 2[]

In The Awakening Conscience, Emmett continues to try to get Bay back.

In Duel of Two Women, Emmett hopes to spend some alone time with Bay at the Tolerance Retreat but Emmett becomes jealous of Bay's friendship with Noah. At school, Emmett tells Bay he can't be friends with her anymore because it hurts too much to not be with her but Bay tells him she not ready yet. He says he's not going to wait any longer.

In Drive in the Knife, when Bay tells Emmett that she is in a new relationship Emmett asks her if it is Noah. Bay signs yes only to be stunned by Emmett who kisses her. He asks her if she is sure she is ready to move on. He then walks away nonchalantly...

In Introducing the Miracle, Emmett tells Bay about the kiss between Daphne and Noah. Bay thinks that Emmet is lying and Emmett becomes frustrated, saying he is not going to wait around for a girl that doesn't even realize the guy she is dating isn't even into her.

In Mother and Child Divided, Emmett take advantage of Melody's absence. Travis wants to throw a party Emmett says no and Travis tells him he needs to get over Bay. Emmett says no but Travis still invites some hearing girls he met at the carwash back to Emmett's house. The girls see a picture of Melody and ask who she is, Travis tells them she's Emmett's ex-girlfriend and that she's crazy. Emmett is showing one of the girls some signs and Travis is making out with the other girl. Melody gets home early and is shocked to find them in such a situation. One of the girls says 'oh my god, it's his ex-girlfriend' and they leave. Melody asks the boys what the girl said and they sign nothing. When she asks what was going on, Travis and Emmett tell her they were teaching the girls how to sign. Melody asks if the girls thought she was Emmett's girlfriend, Travis says no, they thought she was his ex-girlfriend. Melody said she was flattered and horrified.

In Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger, Emmett and Travis try to set Melody up on a blind date.

In Departure of Summer, Emmett comforts Bay when she comes to him crying after her break up with Ty. She asks him why guys cheat. Emmett asks if it was Ty and Bay tells him she and Ty broke up. She asks him why he cheated on her. He tells her he was dumb and wrong for what he did to her, and that it did not mean anything. Bay says she thought she didn't understand because she had not had sex, but now she has and she still doesn't understand why people cheat. She says, "How can it not mean anything? Sex is a big deal." She goes on saying you just don't do it because you're mad or going overseas. Emmett tells Bay that however bad she is feeling right now, Ty will feel infinitely worse when he figures out what he has lost. Emmett comforts her while she cries. Emmett comes closer and hugs Bay.

Season 3[]

In Your Body Is a Battleground, Emmett catches the Carlton vandal on camera while filming Bay's field hockey practice.

In Fountain, Emmett realizes that Matthew is the Carlton vandal and is out in a tough position when he must decide what to do about it.

In It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else, Emmett tells Bay that he's dating Mandy, a girl he met online. Bay is shocked when she realizes she's jealous and turns to Tank to help her. Emmett helps Bay take pictures for her art portfolio in return for her helping Emmett with and astronomy project. Emmett and Bay kiss whilst they are taking pictures. Bay kisses Emmett whilst talking about how Mandy isn't a real girl and they argue about their past relationship. Emmett tells Bay that the main problem in spite of his apologies, Bay keeps bringing up his one-night-stand with Simone. Bay then accidentally breaks Emmett's camera, frustrating him further. Later, Bay apologizes to Emmett for pushing him and promises that she will never again bring up Simone. Emmett accepts her apology.

In Have You Really the Courage?, Bay tells Emmett about her difficulties with painting and her injured hand, so he takes her to an old town that was built by a man for his wife to inspire her. He then helps her take pictures of it, and build her project.

In Dance Me to the End of Love, Emmett helps Bay find new ways to create art after she can no longer paint.

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows, Bay gets increasingly suspicious of Mandy and tries to talk Emmett out of meeting her, but he sees Bay as being jealous. Emmett's online conversations with Mandy start affecting his school work and Melody confiscates his phone and motorcycle. Emmett however, manages to retrieve his motorcycle and drives to where he is supposed to meet with Mandy. But there, he discovers that "Mandy" is actually Matthew, who is getting revenge on Emmett. Matthew then beats him up, leaving Emmett bruised and humiliated. At nighttime, Bay shows up and tries to comfort him. She assures him that regardless of what will happen tomorrow, everyone will still love him. Emmett then asks Bay if she does. She replies, "You know I love you. I never stopped." They then have sex for the first time.

In Love Among the Ruins, Emmett and Bay talk about birth control and argue. He then finds out that Matthew printed out all of the fake conversations between Emmett and "Mandy" and hung them all over school. Melody talks to him after seeing the texts around school. She wants to turn Matthew in for what he did. However, just as Emmett is going to go talk to the principal, Matthew shows him a picture that makes him change his mind. Emmett goes home and finds out that his mom was suspended for pushing Matthew up against a locker. He later meets with Bay, who tells him that what happened the other night was amazing and right, and she will break up with Tank and be with Emmett.

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain, Bay and Emmett discover that Matthew is actually in love with Emmett when they go to delete a photo from his laptop.

In Oh, Future, Bay and Emmett tell everyone about their relationship. Bay convinces Emmett to go to his dad's housewarming party. There, they learn that his dad is engaged and his dad's girlfriend is pregnant. Emmett is angry, but Bay convinces him to forgive his dad.

In The Image Disappears, Emmett shows up to the hospital to comfort Bay after she faints when donating blood. He later helps her find Angelo's will.

In Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone),

In It Isn't What You Think,

In You Will Not Escape,

In Girl on the Cliff,

In And Life Begins Right Away,

In Yuletide Fortune Tellers, the alternate reality Emmett is very slick, and only friends with Bay, instead of being in a relationship with her. However, she asks him for a favor, and he brings the truffle oil she needs, and then she kisses him to get Toby off her back.

Season 4[]

In And It Cannot Be Changed, Emmett leaves for USC, planning to do long-distance with Bay.

In Bracing The Waves, Emmett and Bay struggle to do long-distance.

In I Lock the Door Upon Myself, Emmett meets a new classmate and spends time with her. She gets him into a movie set, but he is discriminated against because of his deafness. He accidentally ruins a scene, and they have to redo it. Later, the girl kisses him.

In We Were So Close That Nothing Used to Stand Between Us, Emmett comes home to visit and helps Bay cut off her ankle monitor.

In At First Clear Word,

In Black and Gray,

In Fog and Storm and Rain,

In The Player's Choice, Bay is having trouble with Emmett, she keeps waiting for him to call and told her mom Kathryn, she doesn't want to be "one of those girls" waiting for the guy to call her back. She tells Daphne she hasn't spoken to Emmett since the time he walked out on her. Emmett butt dials Bay while studying or doing work and Bay excitedly picks it up, however, Emmett thinking Bay called grabbed his phone confused. Bay tries to get Emmett to talk, but he cuts her off saying he needs to get back to work. She tries to tell him she's missed him, but he already had ended the call. Emmett asked Skye to interpret for his movie pitch, Skye was at first hesitant telling him that only 1 freshman has ever had his movie accepted. His professor was unsure about first movie pitch about a silent movie breaking the sound barrier until he got another idea, he began to tell his professor about a love story of a deaf boy falling in love for the first time with a hearing girl. It was obvious that it was based off of him and Bay. When he went to check the list, his movie got in. Skye hugged him. Bay, fed up with Emmett's silence, decided to go to LA to see him.

In There is My Heart,

In To Repel Ghosts,

In Between Hope and Fear,

In Instead of Damning the Darkness, It's Better to Light a Little Lantern,

In Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows,

In To the Victor Belong the Spoils,

In And Always Searching for Beauty,

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Physical Appearance & Personality[]

Emmett has brown/ red hair and blue eyes.

Physical Appearance[]

Emmett is tall with dark brown/ red hair and blue eyes. He has a slim body built.


Emmett is typically patient and kind but sometimes has a bad temper. He is a romantic type of man, often creating big gestures to show it. Determined, but with a head in the clouds, he is creative and inventive at times. He cannot judge situations well while he is angry, and can be rash and hasty when stressed. He loves art, photography, drumming, and motorcycles which he and his dad both built together.


Melody Bledsoe Mother Cameron Bledsoe Father Unnamed Unborn Brother

  • To be added

Unknown (Ex-girlfriend )

Bay Kennish (Ex-Girlfriend)

First Relationship:

  • Start Up: The Stag Hunt (1x07)
  • Break Up: The Homecoming (1x10)
    • Reason: Emmett throught it would never work out cause Bay is hearing and he is deaf.

Second Relationship:

Third Relationship:

Simone Sinclair (one night stand)

  • One Night Stand: Game On (1x20)
    • Reason: Emmett was angry at Bay for getting involved in his custody battle when she promised to stay out of things.

Skye (ex-girlfriend)

  • Start Up: Sometime before Between Hope and Fear (4x13)
  • Break Up: 2 months before The Call (5x01)
    • Reason: Emmett becomes depressed when his film is rejected by many festivals. He doesn’t want to go out anymore and starts to wish he could go back to the good old days of high school. This causes their breakup 2 months before he O.D’s.

Daphne Vasquez

  • Emmett and Daphne have been best friends since they were little.

Travis Barnes

  • Adoptive brother (adopted by melody).

Toby Kennish

  • To be added


  • To be added

Natalie Pierce

  • To be added


  • He had a former crush on Daphne since he was eight years old.
  • Although he never dated Daphne, they did kiss once her feelings became apparent, but by the time she realized he was already with Bay. He claims Daphne just had bad timing.
  • He is not a virgin. The person that he lost his virginity to is unknown.
  • He named his motorcycle Ripley, after Ellen Ripley from his favorite film, Alien.
  • The actor who portrays him, Sean Berdy, is also deaf.
  • Emmett claims he and Bay are meant to be together during his speech at Toby and Nikki's rehearsal dinner in the Kennish's back yard, he says when you find the one who's right for you, you gotta hang on tight because if you don't, they can slip away — while meaningfully looking at Bay (see Bay-Emmett Relationship).

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