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Guitar Face is a band that consists of Toby Kennish (lead guitar and vocals), James "Wilke" Wilkerson III (guitar), and Emmett Bledsoe (drums). Emmett joined Guitar Face after the band's previous drummer was grounded and missed the Buckner Hall fundraiser due to his mother finding pornography on his computer.

It was revealed in Starry Night that the name idea came from Mrs. Wilkerson, who used the term to describe the face Wilke makes when playing the guitar. They used to practice in the Wilkerson basement (but were forbidden for reasons unknown). They regained (unseen) permission to use the Wilkerson basement by Mr. Wilkerson in The Art of Painting because Wilke is named Athlete of the Month.

They performed at a fundraiser for Buckner in Dance Amongst Daggers and at the East West Music Festival in Starry Night. They also made a music video starring a capybara (a rodent) in The Tempest.

Toby is often seen practicing the guitar in his garage.