Jeffrey "Jeff" Reycraft is the head chef at the Maize Restaurant. He was in a relationship with Daphne until he realized it was inappropriate because of their age difference. He got engaged later.


Jeff Reycraft is a celebrated chef, and an acquaintance of Kathryn Kennish, who agrees to let Kathryn's biological daughter Daphne "interview" for a job in his kitchen staff (she was really hired on sight because of Kathryn's influence) but makes it quite clear that he does not intend to treat Daphne preferentially because she is deaf. In fact, her deafness seems to cause an immediate rift between boss and employee as it causes many accidents in the kitchen, and Jeff demotes Daphne to dishwasher. Jeff starts to see Daphne's worth in the kitchen when she not only installs a mirror at her working station, but assists him in salvaging a box of cupcakes, and the two develop a relationship of which the other kitchen staff (particularly Scuba) begins to take notice. Jeff has a fling with Melody Bledsoe but ends this relationship. Daphne and Jeff begin a relationship which eventually results in the two sleeping together. After the owner of Maize finds out about their inappropriate relationship, Daphne is interviewed, and decides to quit her job at Maize so she and Jeff can be together. However, Jeff decides to break up with her, leaving her job-less and heartbroken after Angelo punches Jeff.

In As The Shadows Deepen, it's revealed that Jeff is engaged to a woman called Carrie, who is also a friend of Jace. This causes some serious awkwardness due to Daphne and Jeff having slept together in the time that Carrie was in Paris and also Daphne having known that Jeff had a fling with Melody as well. Jace invites Carrie and Jeff to a concert that night at Maui Kansas and also calls Carrie to tell her about Jeff's relationship with Daphne, without Daphne knowing. Jeff confronts Daphne claiming she ruined his relationship with Carrie as she ended their engagement and thought Jeff was a pedophile.