Kathryn Kennish is married to John Kennish and is biologically the mother of Toby Kennish, Daphne Vasquez, and legally Bay Kennish.


Kathryn Kennish (nee Dixon) is the matriarch of an upper-class family in Mission Hills, Kansas City who finds out that the baby girl she brought home from the hospital isn't the one she gave birth to.

Season 1Edit

In This Is Not a Pipe, Kathryn and John find out that Bay is not their biological daughter. They meet their biological daughter, Daphne Vasquez, and invite her and her mother to live in their guesthouse. Kathryn mentions that her grandmother was Italian, making her a quarter Italian and Daphne one-eighth Italian.

In American Gothic, Kathryn finds out that Daphne is picked up everyday by her friend Emmett, who rides a motorcycle. She goes to John with her concerns, and they try to convince Regina to ban Daphne from riding the motorcycle. Regina says no, because she trusts Emmett and has known him for a long time. Kathryn and John also decide to sue the hospital because of the switch.

In Portrait of My Father, Kathryn does not want Regina working out of the garage, so she gets her a job at a hair salon in Mission Hills. Kathryn also tells her friend the truth about the switch to stop the rumors about Daphne being John's lovechild.

In Dance Amongst Daggers, Kathryn and John host a party, at which Kathryn tells everyone the truth about the switch.

In Dogs Playing Poker, Kathryn warns Regina about dating Bruce, her friend's ex-husband.

In Pandora's Box, John and Kathryn find out that Regina knew about the switch all along, and are very angry with her, as are the girls.

In Paradise Lost, Kathryn and John celebrate the girl's birthdays by buying them both new cars, and having a family dinner.

In The Homecoming, Angelo Sorrento, Bay's biological father shows up, and John and Kathryn are unsure about letting Bay see him.

In The Tempest, Kathryn thinks about writing a book about the switch.

In Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear, Kathryn and John face a setback in their lawsuit because of their lawyer.


In Las Dos Fridas, Kathryn has a fight with her visiting mother Bonnie, when Bonnie makes a comment about Bay's Puerto Rican heritage.

In The Shock of Being Seen, Kathryn has a meltdown with Regina and is crushed over the fact that she never realized that Bay wasn't her biological daughter.

In Tree of Forgiveness, Kathyrn notices Toby has been in a creative slump so she tricks him into showing up at a church gig.

Season 2Edit

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Season 3Edit

In Drowning Girl, Kathryn begins seeing a psychiatrist to deal with her depression, and becomes interested into tap dancing, where she meets a new friend named Renzo.

In Your Body is a Battleground, John finds out about Kathryn's dance classes and becomes jealous of Renzo, so Kathryn invites him to dinner to introduce them. It doesn't go well when John discovers that Kathryn lied to him and went to a drum circle instead of a state dinner with him, and Renzo leaves before dinner.

In It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love is Somewhere Else, John has a business trip to Texas for the weekend, and invites Kathryn, but she says no because she is going to New York with Renzo. John retaliates to Kathryn's new life changes by buying a motorcycle. He goes out for a ride and falls, leading to them reconnecting and making up.

In Have You Really The Courage?, Kathryn goes to New York to meet a publisher Renzo is friends with and propose a book idea, but she is rejected. Later they meet for drinks and the publisher suggests a new, more revealing book about baseball players' sex lives from when John was playing professional baseball. Kathryn reluctantly agrees, even though she knows John will be upset.

In The Scream, Kathryn and Renzo host a party to celebrate her book deal, and Renzo turns it into a Murder Mystery party. Midway through, John finds out that Kathryn's book is about his baseball teammates, and confronts her angrily. The party ends abruptly when Kathryn overhears Regina confront John about kissing Nikki's mom. Angry that he cheated on her, she kicks him out of the house.

In Memory Is Your Image Of Perfection, Bay and Toby try to get Kathryn and John to reconnect by taking them to a restaurant the family frequented years ago. Kathryn and John fight, and end up having to take Bay to the doctor after her hand hurts her.

In Dance Me to the End of Love, John tries to win Kathryn back by giving her an expensive necklace, but she tells him that he already gave her that necklace 4 years ago. She tells him that wants adventure and excitement, so he surprises her with a family dinner. There, everyone dances a dance prepared by John, and Kathryn forgives him.

In The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed), Kathryn and John invite one of his old baseball friends over to try to get more diet for the book. The friend seems completely reformed now though, so John tries to get him to open up, and accidentally makes him think that they want to have group sex. Kathryn and John awkwardly refuse, and the friend mentions something about a triple from the old days. Later, John tells Kathryn that the triple was three hookups in one night, and she is excited to use it for her book.

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows, Kathryn's first draft of her book is leaked online, and she accuses Renzo of leaking it, putting a strain on their friendship. He ends up forgiving her and they go out for cinnamon rolls. She later finds out it was her editor who leaked it.

In Love Among the Ruins, Kathryn and John find out that Bay bought a morning-after pill.

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain, Kathryn talks to Bay about her emergency contraception, and Bay tells her that she and Tank broke up. Kathryn shoots photos for the cover of her book, and her editor tells her that Sarah Lazar is filing a lawsuit against the book because they use her in it. Kathryn tries to convince her editor to let her change the character, but her editor won't budge. Kathryn meets with Sarah and Sarah agrees to drop the lawsuit if Kathryn will read over the script of the TV movie they are making on her book about the switch. Sarah helps Kathryn stand up to her editor.

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Season 4Edit

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Season 5Edit

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Kathryn is very independent and open to tell the story of her experiences, as shown by her rejecting offers made by Tina Choi and her husband John (who was bringing up the subject on behalf of his friend, Sarah Lazar). She is a sensitive mother and easily gets hurt. However, she is also extremely loving and equal to all of her children and is the softer in dealing with the kids than John.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kathryn's strawberry blonde hair is inherited by her biological daughter Daphne. She is 5'5". She also has chocolate-brown eyes and thin lips. Kathryn's signature hairdo is mid-chest length, curled outwards, with a few wispy bangs in front. 


The Kennish family's first lawyer, Amanda Burke, divulges that Kathryn's father had issues with the IRS, which could (but so far haven't) come up in the Kennish's suit against the hospital that switched Bay and Daphne. 



  • Kathryn has had three pregnancies. She miscarried in between the births of Toby and Daphne.
  • Kathryn is a Republican. (The Door to Freedom)
  • It took four years of trying before Kathryn was able to get pregnant with Toby. (The Awakening Conscience)
  • Kathryn was molested at age 17 by her bestfriend's brother

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