Katie Leclerc
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November 6, 1986




2005 — Present


Katie Lynn Leclerc is an American actress who plays Daphne Vasquez.


Personal Life

She was born on November 6, 1986 in Texas.[1] She is the youngest of three siblings.[2] However, she grew up a hearing person until she lost her hear sense to Ménière's disease at the age of 20.[3] At 17, she was interested to learn American Sign Language, besides Leclerc does use the Deaf accent for her character for Switched at Birth later. On September 2014, she married to her boyfriend, Brian Habecost, that they were together for long time.[4]


She started doing the acting in her seventh grade when she got her lead role in a production of Annie.[5] She then continued her work in some commercials and many TV shows. Her first main acting role was Switched at Birth where she plays her teenager character, Daphne Vasquez. (See below for Filmography.)


  • Despite the fact that Katie plays a teenager on Switched at Birth, she is actually in her 30's.
  • Much like Daphne on Switched at Birth, Katie loves to cook. Her parents even own a Chinese restaurant in San Antonio, Texas called "Fire Wok".[6][7]
  • Katie often posts behind the scenes photos of Switched at Birth on her Instagram account katieleclerc.
  • Katie adopted a dog she named Gus, an Australian Cattle Dog, who is deaf. She taught him how to understand sign language.[8]
  • In November of 2013 Katie became engaged to her long-time boyfriend, real-estate agent Brian Stuart Habecost.[9]
  • Katie is involved with many charities, including the Meniere's Disease Resource Foundation.[10]
  • Katie was bullied in school and often discusses it in interviews. She even joined ABC Family's Digital Drama campaign along with other ABC Family stars including her Switched at Birth co-star Vanessa Marano.[11][12]

Appearances in Switched at Birth


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