Lana is a woman who had a one night stand with Angelo and gave birth to a baby girl, Angelo's second biological daughter, and Bay and Daphne's (Bay's biological and Daphne's legal respectively) paternal half-sister.


Lana met Angelo on the plane when he was deported and then saw him again in a French cafe. They had a one night stand and she ended up pregnant. She was prepared to deal with the pregnancy on her own, but after seeing Angelo's testimony in the newspaper about how he lost time with Bay because of the switch, she decided to find him and tell him about his unborn child, believing that he wouldn't want to lose out on a relationship with a second child. However, she was angry and insulted when he asked for a paternity test.

At present, Lana's family is back in Boston and they do not even know she's pregnant. Since Angelo isn't interested in having a paternal relationship with the baby, she plans to give her daughter up for adoption.

In Introducing the Miracle Lana gave birth to Bay's half sister and she asked Bay to get her water after Bay told her that Angelo is not going to be here because He was with Regina because Regina started drinking again. After Lana hears this from Bay she left and took the baby thinking that Angelo and Regina are back together. Then Bay comes back and found Angelo upset. He asks Bay if Lana told her anything and Bay said no and Angelo said Lana took the baby and left. Both Bay and Kathryn are shocked.

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Lana is young African-American woman with dark curly hair. She has family in Boston, Massachusetts, but is clearly not close with them, because they are not aware of her pregnancy. Lana is shown to have a temper, when she storms out of Angelo's apartment, because he has requested a paternity test.


Angelo Sorrento (one night stand)

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