Liam Lupo is a recurring character who first appears in This Is Not a Pipe, the first episode of Switched at Birth Season One. He is played by Charles Michael Davis.


Liam attends Buckner Hall with Toby, Bay, Simone, and Wilke. Liam's parents were close with John and Kathryn Kennish, and he grew up with Bay and Toby. Liam has his friends, Zane[1], Dan[2], and Joe[3].


Liam is Bay's boyfriend in This Is Not a Pipe; they participate in the blood type testing during class together. Their breakup occurs in a vintage tattoo art parlor where Bay is wanting to get her nose pierced using a fake ID. Liam is against the idea, but Bay is disagreeable. Liam confronts Bay about how hard she is on people and how she has been lashing out at her parents and she responds by lashing out at him too. Bay tells Liam "I think we need a break", and Liam leaves.

Daphne, encouraged by John and Kathryn Kennish, takes a tour of Buckner. While there, she meets Liam in the stairway, where she tells him that she is on a tour and regularly goes to a deaf school.

In American Gothic, Bay approaches Liam outside of Buckner and cheerfully asks about his plans for later that day. Liam tells Bay "we're broken up", and Bay states that she said "break" not "break-up" and that the time has now passed. But Liam insists that he is tired of being jerked around. Bay apologizes to Liam but still refuses to open up, so he claims that her attitude is just more "Bay drama" and walks away.

Liam shows up at Carlton to find Daphne, and he is able to find her because it is the only deaf school in Kansas City. Daphne sees and recognizes the Forno di Lupo logo embroided on Liam's bag, exclaiming over their fried zucchini, and Liam tells her that it is his father's restaurant. Daphne asks Liam to hang out sometime, not realizing his past relationship with Bay. Emmett, who Liam describes as Daphne's "bodyguard", tries to warn Daphne away from Liam, calling him a "rich football jerk". Despite this, Liam and Daphne go to Poo Bah's Record Shop together. The date ends shortly after leaving the record store, however, because Liam did not defend Daphne when the two of them come across two of his friends who blatantly make of her. Daphne abruptly leaves, and Emmett arrives to pick her up.

Liam comes back to Carlton with fried zucchini as a peace offering for Daphne in Portrait of My Father. He invites Daphne to check out the Forno di Lupo mobile truck on Friday, when he will be working. Daphne declines the offer, stating Liam's lack of chivalry and understanding as her reason for declining, but takes the food. Daphne asks John Kennish to drop her off at the food truck after basketball practice due to a conversation the two have about Daphne's resistance to going outside of her comfort zone ("playing scared"), and Liam and Daphne reconnect.

Liam mentions his old girlfriend (Bay, but not by name) in Dance Amongst Daggers. By referring to Bay as his "last girlfriend", he implies that Daphne is his current one, and she doesn't object. Kathryn is organizing a fundraiser for Buchner and invites Regina and Daphne, which prompts Daphne to ask to about also including her boyfriend. She then reveals in front of Bay that her boyfriend's name is Liam Lupo, which shocks Bay and Kathryn and Regina. Kathryn was unaware that the breakup between Bay and Liam had occurred, and Daphne finds out about Bay and Liam's prior relationship for the first time (although she is initially and briefly confused and thinks they are still dating due to Kathryn's outdated information). Emmett warns Daphne away from Liam, saying that he is "damaged goods", a "hand-me-down", and that he will "always be Bay's". Liam approaches Bay at school, stating that he did not know about the relationship between Bay and Daphne. Liam sarcastically asks Bay if she wants him to break up with Daphne, but Bay agrees. However, Liam refuses to do so. Daphne tells Liam in a text message that it might be best if they kept their distance from each other at the fundraiser. Liam chats and dances with Daphne during the fundraiser, which angers Bay, who believes Daphne should have broken up with Liam the minute she had found out he was Bay's ex. Daphne's conversation with Bay leads her to question what Bay and Liam did with their time if they had nothing in common. Daphne breaks up with Liam because she wants to maintain a relationship with Bay, who Daphne claims is the only person who truly understands her current situation.

Liam is not seen again during the first season, but he is mentioned again throughout the rest of the season.

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Liam often wears athletic wear, which coincides with his love of sports. He wears a Buckner Hall letterman jacket with his last name written on the back in American Gothic and' 'Portrait of My Father. He also likes zombie movies, which is something he has in common with Daphne. Liam comes from a rich family and drives a black Escalade.He's 6 foot 0 tall He has a "great body", including a six pack.



Bay Kennish (ex-girlfriend)

Daphne Vasquez (ex-girlfriend)


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