Nikki Papagus is a recurring character on Switched at Birth. She makes her debut in the 26th episode of the 1st season, Tree of Forgiveness" and is played by Cassi Thomson. She is the ex-wife of Toby Kennish whom she met at a jam at the local church.


Nikki is a Christian rock vocalist and guitar player. Her father died when she was a teenager, and, to cope with it, she drank alcohol and went to clubs. In her words, she "connected with the Lord and changed her ways" after realizing that her father wouldn't have wanted her to drink.

Season 2Edit

She meets Toby and Kathryn Kennish at a singing session for local teenage artists at a church. Nikki hits it off with Toby and tells his mother that she has "a lovely voice," making Kathryn continue to push Toby to keep in touch with Nikki. Nikki has an obvious crush on Toby and signs a flyer she puts into his guitar case, but Toby, having just gotten out of his relationship with Simone, is not interested.

However, later, after his mother pushing, he talks to Nikki and he thinks they are dating, but Nikki admits that she has a boyfriend. Later, Nikki breaks up with her boyfriend and begins to date Toby. Nikki also joins Emmett and Toby's band. Emmett finds a topless photo of Nikki online and Toby asks her about it. Nikki tells him about her past, and when he is still unsupportive, she storms off. They later make up. Everything is great, and both of them seem happy, but on Valentines' Day, a day supposed to be filled with romance, Nikki gives Toby a leather bracelet with a cross that she got on her mission trip to Guatemala. 

Later that day, when she sees Toby pulling his jacket over the cross, she breaks up with him because she doesn't feel comfortable dating a person who doesn't share her faith. After a while, both of them want a romantic relationship again. They start dating again, and this time, it lasts. Upon learning that Nikki will soon be leaving for a 6-month mission trip to Peru, Toby proposes, and Nikki says yes. The two start looking for apartments, and they tell Kathryn and John, who aren't very pleased, but keep it to themselves, although Kathryn drops many hints to Toby until he yells at her. Kathryn and Nikki get into an argument when rehearsal dinner planning begins. Kathryn wants to do it at a country club with tea candles and "Nikki and Toby" in lights. Nikki, who desires simplicity, wants to go to a park where her little cousins can play and the families can have barbecue. Then Nikki was informed who the killer of her father was only two weeks before the wedding.

She is offered a special opportunity to teach English and Music to homeless children in Peru, so Toby proposes to her. She goes for six months, but when she comes back to be with Toby, she realises that she belongs there. She believes that she has found her place, so she breaks up with Toby.