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Ryan Lane
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as Travis Barnes
Nickname: None
Birthdate: November 23,1987


Years Active:


Ryan Lane is American actor who plays Travis Barnes in Switched at Birth.

Personal Life

Ryan Lane was born November 23, 1987 in Fullerton California and is the youngest of three children born to Jill and Bill Lane who divorced when he was only 8 years old. He has two older sisters.

When Ryan was only 2 weeks old, he was diagnosed with congenital nerve deafness. Growing up in Los Angeles County, Ryan attended schools in the County School District and graduated from the California School for the Deaf Riverside (CSDR), Class of 2007.

Being born deaf is not the only obstacle Ryan has needed to overcome. In 2006, Ryan was seriously injured in a dirt bike accident where he suffered a fractured spine and left femur. He underwent extensive surgery in both areas, requiring rod and screw fixation. He spent four months in a body brace, walking with a walker and using a wheelchair to get around when he got back to school. Ryan's determined fight to recover proved to be an inspiration to his classmates and everyone that knew him.

Shortly after his recovery, Ryan was approached by Director/Producer David Risotto. He wanted Ryan play the lead in a documentary about a deaf baseball player from the 1800's, William Ellsworth Hoy, otherwise known as Dummy Hoy. David found Ryan when he saw a football picture of him on the wall at CSDR, and noticed that he closely resembled Dummy Hoy. Although Ryan had only been in a few plays at school he accepted the offer. Ryan was a little nervous about the shoot, but soon he felt right at home and really enjoyed the experience.

Ryan's performance in the The Dummy Hoy documentary led to a guest starring role on the Cold Case episode "Andy in C Minor" when the show's writer saw his performance in Dummy Hoy on DVD. Ryan's performance on Cold Case led to a guest starring role on "House MD" in the season premier episode, "House Divided" after the casting staff saw him on Cold Case. Ryan played the role of Seth, a deaf high school wrestler who heard "explosions" in his head during a match.

Watch for Ryan to guest star in the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer hospital based, series, "Miami Medical" scheduled to debut in March 2010 on CBS sometime between January and March.

The acting bug has bitten Ryan! He thoroughly enjoys acting and is very comfortable in front of the camera. He doesn't mind the long days of shooting and really has had a lot of fun with the cast and crew of each show he has been on.

Ryan is also proud to say that each set he has been on, is now more informed about the deaf and have even learned a little sign language! Source:


In 2007, Lane began his acting career when director David Risotto discovered a photograph of him in his football uniform on the wall at CSDR (some conflicting sources reporting it as a photograph in the CSDR yearbook). Risotto had been searching for a young man who was deaf and could play baseball to portray Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame center-fielder William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy in the documentary Dummy Hoy: A Deaf Hero (aka: I See the Crowd Roar) and cast Lane, who he believed had both the perfect "look" and athletic abilities to portray the role. After altering his Mohawk hairstyle and learning to bat left-handed, Lane spent the spring of 2007 filming on location in Southern California, later re-shooting some key ballpark scenes in Evansville, Indiana in the fall of 2008. Lane's portrayal of Dummy Hoy led to a series of dramatic guest-starring roles on episodic television. In 2008, he guest-starred on the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portraying Andy Rierdan, a popular high school student whose murder is investigated in the episode "Andy in C Minor". In 2009, he guest-starred on the Fox medical drama House M.D., portraying Seth Miller, a high school wrestler who hears explosions in his head in the episode "House Divided". And in 2010, he guest-starred on the CBS medical drama Miami Medical, portraying Ethan, a patient injured under a collapsed balcony in the episode "All Fall Down". In 2011, Lane transitioned to roles in short films, appearing in lead roles in the science-fiction short Irving J. Koppermelt and the dramatic family short White Space. That same year, he appeared in Jennette McCurdy's music video for the song "Generation Love". In addition to his film and television roles, Lane has been one of the repertory players at the Deaf West Theatre in North Hollywood, California, appearing in stage productions of ASImprov, Charlie's Version and The "R" Word. In February 2012, Lane began a recurring role on the ABC Family drama Switched at Birth. On the series, Lane portrays Travis, a lonely and sometimes angry high school student who struggles to communicate with his hearing family at home and develops an unrequited romantic interest in the series lead, Daphne Vasquez (née Kennish), portrayed by Katie Leclerc. In September 2012, Lane described the differences between his own life and his character's, stating "Travis' parents don't sign. My parents do. Travis doesn't have that, so in some ways we're different But I'm embracing this whole storyline about his home life." In September 2012, it was reported that Lane was set to star in the feature film In Other Words, portraying an isolated young man who falls in love with a blind dancer. Additional film credits include an appearance in the 2013 feature film, No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie, as well as a cameo role in the 2014 feature film, Veronica Mars.


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