Sarah Lazar is a minor character who first appears in Episode 15 of Season One and is portrayed by Jackie Debatin. She is an old friend of John Kennish.


Sarah Lazar was a news reporter while John Kennish was playing major league baseball. She had a reputation for sleeping with baseball players to get stories. She once gave John her room number after breaking her engagement, but he just sent her a piece of chocolate cake and a note letting her know that things would get better.


Season 1Edit

In Expulsion From the Garden of Eden, she is Kathryn Kennish's competitor in releasing the book about the girls' switch. In season 1, the relationship between Sarah and John raised some suspicion from the kids and Kathryn, but was resolved in the end. 

Season 3Edit

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain, Sarah reads the released draft of Kathryn's book and files an injunction to stop it because of how she is portrayed. She meets with Kathryn and decides to drop the lawsuit if Kathryn will read over the script for the TV movie being created on Sarah's book about the switch. Sarah helps Kathryn stand up to her editor, and they have a couple bottles of wine together.

In Oh, Future,

Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Sarah is a very beautiful woman, with blonde hair and green eyes. She has a trim figure. In the first season she is seen as manipulative and bad, but in the third season we see a nicer side of her. She helps Kathryn and is very kind to her.