"Starry Night"[title 1] is the eleventh episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season One and the series overall. It was written by Lizzy Weiss and it was directed by Steve Miner. It was originally aired on January 3rd, 2012.


To Bay’s annoyance Daphne surprises Emmett at the East West music festival. Bay joins Daphne and Guitar Face at the festival, but doesn’t understand why Emmett doesn’t want her help around hearing people. Simone, Bay’s old friend from Buckner, is also at the music festival and shows interest in an oblivious Toby.

Kathryn secretly meets with the nurse from Angelo’s lawsuit to find out if her story is plausible. Meanwhile, Angelo pursues a relationship with Bay, giving her a glimpse of what life with her biological parents might have been like. Daphne still wants nothing to do with Angelo and is hurt by his return.

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The CastEdit




  • Justina Machado as Nurse Munos
  • Desmin Borges as Tamale Guy
  • Darren Mangler as Drunk Guy
  • Leslie Gunning as Festival Goer/Camper
  • John Q. Williams as Bass Player (uncredited)

Music FeaturedEdit

Song Artist Notes Link
Magical Girls Love Shoes
Hungry Man Amphibic
Big Mistake Lucas Grabeel
Midnight Elna Myburg
Third and Central Transcenders
Don't Look Back The Elliots
Get Melted! Shapes Of Race Cars
Alchemy Kyler England URl}}


Emmett: I can't imagine a world in which I couldn't check out sometimes. That's gotta suck.

Daphne: [to Toby] I can't believe you think I'm the type of girl who would sleep with someone else's boyfriend.

Toby: We should change the name of our band to "Free Beer."

Angelo: [to Regina and Bay] Look at us... a family.


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