There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy. We advise every new editor to read through our policies also before editing any content on here.

The Switched at Birth Wiki RulesEdit

If any rule is broken, you will get a warning or ban, that depends on your behavior and your attitude. Have any question? Please feel free to leave a message on the Admin's profile account: HPAwesome1, DarkCougar555, or SuzieJT.

Basic GuidelineEdit

  1. Please be civil and be supportive. No wikia users can make personal attacks against anybody.
  2. Do not add any unverified or biased information to those articles unless it confirms otherwise.
  3. No vandalism please. If anybody do that, you will get instant 2-years ban.
  4. This Switched at Birth Wikia contains a plenty of spoilers that there is no need to mark them in each article. We're not responsible for someone else who got spoiled by accident or on intention. Read at your own risk.
  5. Any user always can edit and/or add anything as long as they follow the rules.
  6. Have fun!

Inappropriate BehaviorEdit

  • Rude and/or offensive behavior to other users about their; race, looks, sexuality or nationality.
  • Extreme swearing.
  • Vandalism and Spam
  • Creating a double account and pretending to be someone else.
  • Asking the demotion of a rollback user, an admin or bureaucrat without any valid reason.
  • Removing comments of other users from talk pages and message walls.
  • Removing warnings by admins from your own message wall.

Vandalism and SpamEdit

  • Inserting false information.
  • Editing archived pages.
  • Inserting gibberish or whitespace on pages.
  • Advertisement or promotion of shops, other sites etc.
  • Adding unnecessary or redundant categories is forbidden. (Consult and Admin or Bureaucrat before adding certain categories due to this wiki having too many.)

Canon PolicyEdit

This wiki is an encyclopedia on the Switched at Birth series, we host information, facts, images, as well as discussions about the episodes and issues. We do not host any fan fiction or any other related fanon content as well as spam, advertisements, or articles that are not directly associated with Switched at Birth.

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