"The Homecoming"[title 1] is the tenth and summer finale episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season One and the series overall. It was written by Lizzy Weiss, and it was directed by David Paymer. It was originally aired on August 8th, 2011.


Daphne and Emmett plan a Carlton fundraiser at John’s car wash. A man shows up at Bay’s art show that ends up being her biological father, Angelo. The hospital offers the Kennish family a deal before going to trial, but they only have 48 hours to accept. Meanwhile, Regina tries to get a loan to open her own salon, but she can only do so if someone co-signs it with her.

Daphne is upset that Bay and Emmett are dating. Wilke and Toby’s band lands a spot in a musical festival but they have to get Emmet on board. Bay decides to hear Angelo out and shocks everyone, especially Regina and Daphne, when she brings Angelo home. Daphne admits her feelings to Emmett. An angry Emmett lashes out at Bay.

Toby defends Bay to Emmett and Emmett decides to go to the music festival. Emmett actually speaks and tells Bay he just wants her. But Daphne tells Bay she’ll wait for Emmett. Angelo offers John information that can help their lawsuit, but John and Kathryn are wary. Angelo reveals to Regina that he plans on staying in town.

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Bay presents her work at an art show at Buckner Hall and a man comes up and complements her on her work. It turns out that this man is Bay's biological father, Angelo, who has found out about the girls and has come by to see her. When John comes by to investigate Bay lies and tells him that Angelo is the owner of an art gallery that is interested in her work which John buys.

Daphne finally finds out that Bay and Emmett have been dating and furiously confronts Emmett. She eventually confesses that she has been having feelings for him. He refutes by saying that this isn't fair - he's had feelings for her for eight years now and she was never interested, but now that he's with Bay, she is. Daphne kisses Emmett but he backs away declaring his loyalty to Bay.

Bay agrees to get dinner with Angelo and doesn't tell anyone. She then invites him over to dinner at her house, where she breaks the news to her parents. John is furious, as is Daphne who still resents Angelo for leaving the family when she was young . Angelo tries his luck with Regina by offering to loan the money she needs to open her salon.

Emmett starts questioning his relationship with Bay and they start fighting over little things. He suddenly breaks down in front of Bay and Toby and tells her that it is too hard and he can't do it anymore. Bay suspects it's because Daphne talked to him. Toby confronts Emmett and tells Emmett that Bay likes him and to treat her better. Emmett apologizes to Bay for acting like a jerk and tells her with his voice that he only wants to be with her. Bay forgives Emmett and hugs him and she cries happily. Emmett hugs Bay back tightly and relieved. Later, Daphne tells Bay that she will not back down from Emmett.

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The CastEdit




  • Ray Ford as Loan Officer
  • Laura Sexton as Student #1
  • Juan Diego Rodriguez as Server
  • Rebecca Flinn as Voice Actor (voice)
  • Tyler Jameson Martinez as Carlton Student (uncredited)

Music FeaturedEdit

Song Artist Notes Link
On Our Own Together Kingsfoil


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  • The first appearance of Angelo Sorrento and he is a recurring character until Season Two.




Title ReferenceEdit

  1. From the 1885 painting, The Homecoming, by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe.


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