"The Tempest"[title 1] is the twelfth episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth Season One and the series overall. It was written by Anne Kenney, and it was directed by Mel Damski. It was originally aired on January 10th, 2012.


Bay and Emmett take a little planking adventure around the city. Meanwhile, Daphne becomes friends with Simone and considers quitting the Carlton basketball team in order to play for Buckner with Simone. However, this doesn't sit well with John, who frowns upon quitting a commitment. After meeting with the reporter who wrote the article about her family, Kathryn decides to write a memoir about her daughters and the family situation.

Toby and Wilke turn to making fake IDs for Daphne and her Buckner friends to make money in order to fund their Guitar Face music video. When Daphne goes out with Simone and the girls, Wilke shows up at the bar and expresses his feelings for Daphne. She pretty much shuts him down, and he leaves, a little heartbroken.

Bay tries to make a good impression on Melody, who is still unsupportive of her relationship with Emmett. Along with Regina, she goes to a game night with Emmett and Melody, but things fall apart when Melody hurts Bay's feelings. Later, Emmett is surprised when the police show up and arrest him, especially because there’s no one around to interpret for him.

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Bay tries to score points with Melody, but doesn't have much luck. Regina tries to help Bay with Melody at a game night, but it's not as easy as she expected which leads to Regina defending Bay and confront Melody about her mistreatment of Bay. Meanwhile, Daphne tries to fit in with her new friend Simone. Simone dares Daphne to go over and kiss a guy; the guy is up for it, but his girlfriend is not as excited about this. Daphne decides to join Buckner's basketball team, in spite of John's disapproval. Kathryn considers writing a novel about her experiences. Emmett and Melody have a heart-to-heart talk and Emmett insists Bay is not changing him and he is evolving as a person and wishes she treat Bay better since "she's his girlfriend and is not going anywhere," and Melody agrees to be more supportive of the two. At the end a shocking twist occurs; Emmett ends up getting arrested late in the night as the cops slam him into the ground when he fails to respond to their verbal commands.

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The CastEdit




  • Tina Huang as Tina Choi
  • Briana Barran as Kim
  • Nishi Munshi as Priya
  • Jonathan Shine as Eric
  • Cecelia Antoinette as Bus Rider
  • Javier Calderon as Policeman
  • Brandon P. Bell as Coach Medlock
  • Abby Walla as Carlton Basketball Player #1
  • Tamara 'Tamijo' Coleman as Carlton Basketball Player #2
  • Lindsey Michels as Carlton Basketball Player #3
  • Jessica Marie Ensign as Carlton Basketball Player #4

Music FeaturedEdit

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Regina: [to Bay] You signed "hang out" wrong. You wrote "you guys get circumcised a lot."
Bay: [to Regina] Did you ever notice that it's always someone between us?
Melody: Sometimes it's hard to be the one who cares the most.
Kathryn: [to John] Keith Richards pickled his brain in heroin for 20 years and he wrote a book.
Daphne: What you don't think I'd take the dare? Pick the guy.
Tina Choi: [to Kathryn] People like this kind of true-life horror story with a happy ending.
Bay: [to Kathryn] Wow heels and an apron, how "Mad Men" of you mom!


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Title ReferenceEdit

  1. From the 1508 painting, The Tempest (Gigorgione) by Gigorgione.


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