"This is Not a Pipe"[title 1] is the first episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth Season One. It was written by Lizzy Weiss and directed by Steve Miner. It is the first episode of the series overall, and premiered on June 6th, 2011.


From a school lab assignment, Bay Kennish discovers that her blood type is AB, which is incompatible with her parents, Kathryn and John, who are both type A. Intrigued by her new discovery, she convinces them to visit a genetic testing facility where it’s confirmed that Bay is not their biological daughter.

There was a mix up at the hospital and both families took home the wrong babies!

Days later, the Kennishes are introduced to their biological daughter Daphne and her mother Regina Vasquez. The Kennishes also learn that Daphne is deaf and immediately start researching ways to help her, suggesting the possibility of Daphne attending Bay’s private school.

Regina is against Daphne attending the school but agrees to move her family into the Kennish house to deal with their new family situation.

ABC Family's Official Summary


1x01 Genetic Test - Bay Kathryn John 2

Bay and her parents at the genetic testing facility

Bay Kennish discovers during a biology class that she has an extremely rare blood type (AB) which is different from her parents. Intrigued by her new discovery, Bay convinces her parents, Kathryn and John, to visit a genetic testing facility where it’s confirmed that Bay is not their biological daughter, The hospital finds out that the babes of two families were switched at birth.

Days later, the Kennishes are introduced to their biological daughter Daphne and her mother Regina Vasquez. They are surprised to see that Daphne is deaf. Both families react differently, but both are shocked at how long they took to see the signs.

Bay is angry and upset, acting unfriendly towards Daphne, who offers only smiles and kindness. Like her newly found daughter, Regina does not act warmly towards the open-hearted Kennishes.

While Bay blasts music and the parents discuss the recent events, Daphne and her biological brother Toby bond over a house tour and a fun game of basketball. Regina leaves, and John drives Daphne home later. John is shocked at the neighborhood - it is the complete opposite to his fancy mansion, which includes tennis courts, a swimming pool, a guesthouse and a garage Bay uses as an art studio.

Bay, meanwhile, has gone to a piercing salon with her boyfriend Liam, complete with a fake ID to get her nose done. Liam is not encouraging, and confronts her about how strange she has been acting lately (unknown to Liam, the reason is Bay finding out about her biological parents). Bay is defensive and angry, and when Liam asks why she is so hard on people, she suggests a break. Liam agrees and leaves on a bad note.

Kathryn is looking through a baby album, lost in thought, when John arrives. He shares his concerns about Daphne and Regina's house, and Kathryn agrees "they have to get her out of there."

At breakfast, Bay is rebelling against her rich parents, still angry and confused. She shows off her flashy new stud and whips out a cigarette, to Kathryn's shock. When questioned, she says she is just "living the life she was supposed to live."

John Kennish visits Regina, telling her about cochlear implants. Regina, of course, has already heard of them. John offers the money needed to 'fix' Daphne - about $100 000 plus speech therapy - and Regina turns on him, furious. She explains that Daphne is happy and comfortable how she is, and the sooner John accepts her lack of hearing, the better it will be for all of them.

At the Carlton School for the Deaf, Daphne has a sign language conversation with a friend about how her life could have been, if there hadn't been the mix up. They realize that if she had gone home with her biological parents like she was meant to, she probably wouldn't be deaf.

Bay visits Regina and Daphne's neighborhood, before leaving after a confrontation with a neighbor who doesn't like seeing "rich white girls" around. The neighbor, "Ty", is later revealed to be acquainted with Daphne.

John comes to Daphne's school, where she is practicing basketball. He suggests that Daphne attends the private school Bay goes to - Buckner Hall. He clearly doesn't approve of schools full of deaf people. Daphne acknowledges Bay's less than friendly behavior. She agrees to think about the school, and he agrees to give her time and set up a tour. Before he leaves, he requests that she doesn't tell Regina about the idea of moving schools.

The scene cuts to Buckner Hall, where Daphne is on a tour with Kathryn and John. She is overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Bay spots her through a window, and explains to her friend that Daphne is just "some girl her parents are tutoring." Daphne asks to walk around alone, and comes across Liam - the boy Bay had recently broken up with. Liam flirts and Daphne jokes around, but the bell rings and their meeting is cut short.

Bay is furious at her parents for trying to make Daphne go to her school. John sees her piercing for the first time, and tries to get her to take it out, but to no avail. She storms away.

On the steps of Buckner Hall, Toby sees Daphne and the siblings exchange small talk. Daphne's best friend, Emmett Bledsoe, drives up on a motorbike. He too is deaf, and attends Carlton with Daphne. Toby is still oblivious to manners around the hearing impaired, and Emmett - who rarely speaks - is not impressed.

Meanwhile, Bay is seen spraying graffiti art on a wall in the Vasquez's neighborhood using handmade stencils. When she's finished, there is a painting of a girl in a pink dress getting ready to smash the wall. Ty approaches her again, and Bay is flustered and annoyed. He half flirts, and agrees to keep another of her secrets - this time her illegal painting habits. Bay offers a smile and leaves.

On their way home from Buckner the same time Emmett arrived to take Daphne, John and Kathryn see Daphne on a motorbike. Kathryn was appalled, and while John is doing paperwork she admits to doing a background check on Regina. She had discovered that Regina had two DUIs - offences for driving under influence.

The scene cuts to Regina and her mother - who lives with them - walking along the street near their house. Adrianna (Daphne's grandmother) suggests letting Bay come for dinner. Regina is completely against the idea, especially given her house compared to the Kennish Mansion. The women find that Regina's car has been broken into, and her phone charger and two dollars has been stolen. This is a big hit to Regina, who then gets a call from the police. Her face changes into shock, and she tells Adrianna that Daphne has been arrested.

Regina rushes to the police station, who finds, instead of Daphne, a smirking Bay.

1x01 Police Station - Bay Kathryn Regina

Bay is lectured by two moms.

Bay sits between Regina and Kathryn at the station, getting a lecture from the latter about buying beer with a fake ID. The two mothers clash over parenting policies, and Kathryn makes a crack about court dates sounding familiar to Regina. Regina is affronted, and explains that the offences were twelve years ago. Kathryn refuses to let it go, asking whether she was drunk when Daphne got sick. John tries to break it up, but eventually sides with his wife while Bay gets more and more annoyed. Eventually Bay walks out of the station alone.

Later, the Kennish parents are cruising the roads, looking for their missing daughter (Bay). Kathryn is upset at herself for not realizing at the hospital that Bay wasn't Daphne. They discuss how bitter-sweet it was, because they got Bay out of it.

A stressed Daphne talks to her grandmother about her difficult choice - Buckner or Carlton? The question seems to her a question of John and Kathryn, or Regina? Regina returns home, and Adrianna encourages Daphne to talk to her, which she does. Daphne explains that even though Regina will always be her mother, she needs to get to know her biological parents. She tells her about Buckner, and about wanting to go. Regina shuts her down ("Absolutely not.") and tries to discourage her daughter. Both leave frustrated and angry.

Bay is sitting on a curb when Toby picks her up. When she says that nobody can understand, he points out that someone can - Daphne.

1x01 Daphne's Room - Bay Daphne 2

Bay and Daphne talk.

It's later that night. Daphne is scared, seeing a face out the window. It turns out to be Bay, who climbs through the window. The two bond over music - Daphne can feel the beat if it's loud enough - and then Bay discovers that Regina is a talented artist. Daphne then confesses that her and her mother are struggling to pay the rent, and so they are going to move to her uncle's house out of town.

The next morning, Bay is still at Daphne's. She meets Adrianna - her own, biological grandmother. Regina starts to lecture Bay before being reminded that she was just like her when she was her age.

Bay walks into her own kitchen - at the Kennish's house - with red streaks in her hair. Kathryn is shocked, until Bay explains they're just clips. She also admits the stud was just a sticker and she never got the real thing done. The two embrace, and Bay suggests that the Vasquez family moves into their guesthouse.

The scene changes - Bay's idea has become reality, and Daphne's family is moving in. Helping them with the move is Ty, and Daphne explains "he's like my big brother." 

The episode comes to a close. Bay begins to wonder about her biological father; Regina and Kathryn have a firm and cool conversation; Emmett shows up on his motorbike and departs with Daphne.

The CastEdit




  • Crystal Kwon as Ms. Gold (Bay's biology teacher)[2]
  • Ruth Livier as Margaret (Kansas City Genetics Center employee)[2]
  • Steven Connor as Mr. Thatcher
  • Paul Raci as Interpreter
  • Carmen Meissner as Carmen
  • Lindsay Johnston as Student
  • J.R. Russell as Deaf Student (uncredited)

Music FeaturedEdit

Song Artist Notes Link
We Got It All Right the Stars Bay is in the biology lab. YouTube
Jumping Trains


Katie Herzig Bay and her mother are in vehicle driving. YouTube
In Hurricanes Pablo Sebastian Toby gives Daphne a tour of the outside of mansion, and they end up playing basketball. TuneFind
This Changes Everything Thomas Jefferson's Airplane Daphne and Regina arrive and meet Bay’s brother. MySpace Albums
Get Up! Breaker Bay is in tattoo parlor with her friend. YouTube
I Can See Sierra Noble Bay watches Regina and her mother from car. Sierra Noble's offical website
I Don't Know a Thing Lucy Schwartz Daphne and Liam meet. YouTube
Worried About Lissie Bay spray paints a stencil on a wall in Daphne's neighborhood. YouTube
Scary Fragile Butterfly Voucher Toby pulls up and picks up Bay on the corner. YouTube
Where Do We Go[4] Sandrine Emmett arrives on motorcycle and picks up Daphne. YouTube


Bay to Kathryn: Why do you think we see things differently all the time?
Kansas City Genetics Center employee: It is 99.9% certain that Bay is not related to you. You took home someone else's baby and another family took home yours.
Regina to Kathryn (about Daphne): No matter how loud you yell, she still can't hear you.

Emmett: If this never happened, you wouldn't be deaf.

Daphne: Me, but hearing? Weird.
Kathryn (about the switch): How could I not have known?
Bay: I can't believe I'm part Puerto Rican. I've been taking French for nine years.


  • Although they were never on the show at the same time Vanessa Marano and Blair Redford played Step Aunt and Nephew, Eden Gerick and Scott 'Scotty' Grainger Jr. on hit CBS Daytime Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless.



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Title ReferenceEdit

  1. 1.1928-29 painting, The Treachery of Images, by René Magritte. Which has the caption, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe", meaning "This is not a pipe," in French.
    • Bay refers to the picture and its meaning when she meets Ty, telling him that things aren't always what they look like. (It may look like a pipe, but its actually a picture of a pipe.)


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