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Tobias Christopher "Toby" Kennish is one of the main characters on Switched at Birth. He is the son of Kathryn and John Kennish, the older brother of Daphne Vasquez and Bay Kennish. He made his first appearance in This Is Not a Pipe, the show's pilot episode. He is portrayed by Lucas Grabeel


Toby is the legal brother to Bay Kennish and the biological brother to Daphne Vasquez. Toby is in a band called Guitar Face with his friend Wilke and Daphne's best friend, Emmett Bledsoe. Emmett joined the band in the episode Dance Amongst Daggers.

Season 1[]

In This Is Not a Pipe, Toby discovers with the rest of his family that Bay is not his biological sister, and he is actually related to Daphne. Shortly after this discovery Regina (Bay's mother) escorts Daphene to the Kennishes in order to get to know Bay and Daphne's blood relatives better. While Toby's parents are preparing food, he and the rest of his family (Including Bay) discover than Daphne is vegetarian and that both she and Toby inherited their mother's allergies. Toby and Daphine bond over a game of basketball where it's discovere that his sister had inherted their father's athletics skills (Which was also passed on to Toby). Later Toby ackonwlges that he could've been swithed at birth as well since he was born in the same hospital that delivered his sisters. After Bay is arrested, Toby escorts Bay back home.

In Dogs Playing Poker, Toby is proven to be an avid poker player, but it has gotten him into some financial trouble in the past. He tells his parents that he's 'playing miniature golf' with his friends when he goes to play poker. He has Daphne and Emmett help him win a few poker games to help him get out of debt with Wilke, but after Daphne misreads Wilke's body language, Toby loses a lot of money and is furious with Daphne as he blames her for his situation. As soon as the siblings return home, Daphine tells Bay what happened. Bay reassures Daphine that she is not to blame for their brother's debt as Toby brought this situation upon himself for engaging in his gambling habits.

In The Persistence of Memory, Toby tries to sell his band equipment to pay off the debt and begs Bay for a loan. But when he still can't come up with enough, he and Wilke decide to steal a chemistry test and sell it to make up their debts from poker.

In The Stag Hunt, Regina talks to Toby about his gambling addiction, and he takes responsibility for his part in helping steal the test and selling it. He admits he has a problem and talks to his parents about it, handing over his "lucky" deck to his dad.

In The Homecoming, Toby and Wilke recruit Emmett to play for their hand at a festival. Toby talks to Emmett after Emmett gets angry at Bay for using his deafness as a defense. Wilke admits to Toby that he likes Daphne.

In Starry Night, Simone Sinclair, Bay's old friend and Wilke's ex-girlfriend shows up at the music festival and flirts with Toby. When he spots Daphne leaving Emmett's tent early in the morning, he confronts them because of his protective instincts towards Bay.

In Expulsion From the Garden of Eden, when Daphne asks him about Sarah Lazar, he becomes quite hostile to her. He reveals that there have always been rumors swirling around about Sarah and his father, but tells Daphne that they're not true. He seems keen on not letting his mother know about Sarah Lazar and tells Daphne to never ask about her again. He seems very protective of his family, especially his sisters.

In Las Dos Fridas, Toby realizes that Simone Will only is with him if he changes who he is.

In Protect Me From What I Want, John tries to improve his relationship with Toby but disapproves of Toby's goals.

In Write a Lonely Soldier, Simone signs Toby up to sing during the nine o'clock time slot at Take Five for Saturday night. Toby tells her he can't go because Guitar Face is playing at a kegger on Saturday at Annie Barker's house. At school, Wilke tells Toby that he has been working on a set list for the party, prompting Toby to tell Wilke that something came up on Saturday. This causes Wilke to be upset because he believes that playing at this party will open up opportunities to play at college parties. Wilke accuses Toby of doing something for Simone. Toby decides to keep his original plans for Saturday and cancel with Simone, which Simone accepts, but the party is later canceled due to an anonymous tip to Annie's parents. Toby is suspicious and confronts Simone about the anonymous tip, and she confirms his suspicions and reveals her interference with the party. Simone claims that her actions were in Toby's best interests, but Toby dislikes Simone's attempts at controlling his life.

In Game On, Emmett and Bay have a fight, but Toby reassures Bay that Emmett will forgive her. Simone sleeps with Emmett.

In Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time, it is revealed that Simone cheated on Toby with Emmett.

In The Intruder, Toby is not happy to see Emmett at the house. When Emmett tries to talk to him, Toby pushes him on the ground and says "don't touch me".

In Tree of Forgiveness, Kathryn gets Toby to go to a youth group meeting and tricks him into performing to help him get out of his creative slump.

In The Declaration of Independence, Toby goes back to the church for an event and asks Nikki out.

In We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships, Toby finds out that Nikki already has a boyfriend, but Toby has started to develop feelings for her. Toby decides to forgive Emmett for sleeping with Simone because he was inspired by Nikki's ability to forgive the man that shot her father. Toby felt that if Nikki could forgive someone for doing something so awful, he could forgive Emmett for having sex with his girlfriend. Toby and Emmett start off new, become friends again, and agree to make music together again.

In The Trial, Nikki quits the band because her boyfriend wants her to, but Toby gets her back.

In Street Noises Invade the House, Toby helps Bay and Zarra escape from a street gang looking for them. He later points out at the trial to Regina that she owns half of the money Angelo just won.

Season 2[]

In The Awakening Conscience, Toby starts dating Nikki but pulls back when he finds a revealing photo of her online. In Duel of Two Women, Toby bonds with Lana and finds out that she is planning to give her baby up for adoption.

In Dressing for the Charade, Toby brings Lana home for dinner.

In The Acquired Inability to Escape, Toby tries to get a letter of recommendation from his grandfather, who says no because he does not think Toby is qualified enough for his alma mater.

In Drive in the Knife, Toby meets Elisa, who is volunteering on his dad's campaign as well.

In Tight Rope Walker, Toby spends more time with Elisa. They hook up in a hot tub but get caught by her mom, who is Toby's dad's running mate.


In Introducing the Miracle, Toby and Nikki get engaged.

In Departure Of Summer, Toby prepares for his wedding and both his parents and Nikki's mom contemplate being truthful with him. At the end of the episode, Toby and Nikki are seen exiting the city hall with Nikki in the dress she'd planned to wear all along.

Season 3[]

In Drowning Girl, Toby feels like his life is at a standstill after Nikki leaves for Peru. Daphne talks about the idea of starting a field hockey team at Carlton, and Toby offers to be the coach.

In Your Body Is a Battleground, Toby and Daphne convince Bay to join their team, promising her that she can be on the bench. They end up not having enough players, so Bay has to play, leading her to fight with Toby and walk off the field the first practice. Toby tries to get a star basketball player, Sharee, to join the field hockey team.

In Fountain, Toby gets angry when Bay goes to an art show instead of playing on the team and kicks her off the team. Daphne and Sharee get in a fight and both get detention, causing them to not be able to play either. Toby is upset and has to forfeit the game.

In It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else, Toby continues to coach field hockey and work at the car wash. He decides that he wants to move out. His mom finds him an apartment near Mission Hills and offers to help pay for it. Toby decides he would rather be financially independent and sings the lease on an apartment 20 minutes away.

In Have You Really the Courage? Toby moves into his new apartment with the help of his dad. He allows Bay to rejoin the field hockey team after she proves herself at practice. He then hosts a party for the team at his new apartment. He finds out from John, who found out from Nikki's mom, that Nikki has been asked to stay another 6 months in Peru.

In The Scream, Toby goes to his mom's book party, which turns into a murder mystery party, and finds out about John kissing Nikki's mom.

In Memory is Your Image of Perfection, After Kathryn finds out about John's infidelity, she kicks him out, so he goes to Toby. Toby and Bay work together to get their parents back together.

In Dance Me to the End of Love, John finally moves out of Toby's apartment.

In The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed), Toby tutors Sharee so that she can play in the game against Buckner.

In The Ambush, Toby's wife, Nikki makes a surprise visit. She tells him that she wants to stay in Peru to help the poor. When he asks if she doesn't want to be with him, she replies that she does, but her work in Peru will be her life. Toby and Nikki sadly and reluctantly separate, knowing that the distance would affect their marriage.

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows, Toby is devastated over his break up with Nikki. He eventually decides to buy a plane ticket to join Nikki in Peru, but after talking with Kathryn, he changes his mind and goes to Iceland instead.

In And We Bring the Light, Toby returns home from his trip to Iceland with a fresh new outlook on life. He even asked John to fire him from the Kennish Car Wash so he could be a D.J., to which he complies.

In The Image Disappears, Toby supports his family as Angelo is in the hospital, and has to eventually be taken off of life support.

In Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone), Bay's ex-boyfriend, Tank becomes Toby's new roommate. Toby also meets Lily Summers

In It Isn't What You Think, Toby and Tank set some ground rules about their living arrangements. He also finds out that Sharee flunked her exam and that her teacher, Ms. Summers refuses to let her have a retake. Toby tries to convince her, but she won't listen. Later, Lily appears at his apartment, angry at him because Melody Bledsoe talked to her about Sharee's exam. They end up having sex that night. Afterward, he brings up Sharee again, which makes Lily angrily storm out, thinking that he only seduced her to change her mind. The next morning, he catches up with her and insists that he had no such intentions. Lily explains that the reason she was so hard on Sharee was that everyone was always soft on her deaf brother. They make amends and Lily walks away to give Sharee her make-up exam.

In Girl on the Cliff,

In And Life Begins Right Away,

In Yuletide Fortune Tellers,

Season 4[]

In And It Cannot Be Changed, Toby makes it official with Lily.

In I Lock the Door Upon Myself,

In We Were So Close That Nothing Used to Stand Between Us,

In At First Clear Word,

In Black and Gray,

In The Player's Choice,

In There is My Heart,

In To Repel Ghosts,

In How Does a Girl Like You get to be a Girl Like You,

In Between Hope and Fear,

In Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows,

In To the Victor Belong the Spoils,

In The Accommodations of Desire,

In A Mad Tea Party,

In And Always Searching for Beauty,


  • Toby was born in the same hospital as Daphne and Bay.[1]

Season 5[]

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

Physical Appearance[]

In the first half of season 1 he has fairly bright red hair. However over the course of the season it changes color from a dark blonde to blonde. It is unknown if he dyed it blonde or if it's natural color. For the rest of the series it is seen as blonde. He has green eyes and Slim body.

Toby is the lead singer and a guitarist in a band called Guitar Face, which also includes Wilke (guitarist) and Emmett (drummer). Toby has been Wilke's best friend since they were kids. Toby is 5 foot 8


Toby is very passionate about his music. He does not like it when others try to dictate his life. He is very kind and thoughtful. Though not very temperamental, he has shown it from time to time, such as when he shoved Emmett to the ground. Despite this, he is very forgiving and tries to be sympathetic and reasonable in most situations. He had a gambling problem for a while, but when Regina told him of her alcoholism, he realized that he needed to stop and take responsibility.


Legal Sister

Biological Sister



Melissa (ex-girlfriend)

  • Start Up: Prior to This Is Not a Pipe (1x01)
  • Break Up: Prior to This Is Not a Pipe (1x01)
    • Reason: Unknown, but Kathryn didn't like her, although she never said anything, and Bay thinks that Kathryn not approving is what lead to their break up.

Simone Sinclair (ex-girlfriend)

Jenna (ex-girlfriend)

Nikki (wife, separated)

Lily Summers (Wife)

  • Wilke Wilkerson
  • Wilke was Toby's best friend before he left for Boarding School.

    At first, Emmett did not like Toby because he was always talking to Daphne first. However, after Emmett showed his excellent drumming skills when he was filling in for someone, they started a friendship. Their friendship went into huge decline after Toby found out that he slept with his then-girlfriend, Simone, he became all-around hostile towards Emmett, even shoving him to the ground once. Toby later forgave Emmett and they started a new band with Nikki. Emmett even served as the best man for Toby and Nikki's wedding.

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    Tank and Toby became roommates after the former dropped out of his fraternity and the latter separated from Nikki.

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