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Basic Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: 1993



Occupations: Street Artist
Relatives: An unnamed father who is also a street artist.



Bay Kennish



First Appearance
Episode: The Intruder

Tania Raymonde

Zarra is a street artist and friend of Bay Kennish whose signature is drawing tentacles. She goes by the alias "Medusa."


Zarra and Bay first met at a junkyard, where Bay was putting graffiti on a worn-down bus. The next day, when she was coming to finish up her art, Zarra was there completing her picture by adding tentacles, which upset Bay. Zarra then called Bay "angry girl," and proceeded to leave and let Bay finish. However, a few days later, Bay found Zarra again and apoligized for her behavior that day. Zarra was working with 8-Ball and a few other street artists, and Bay wanted to join. To join their group and graffiti their next target together though, Bay needed to prove her artistic skills. So, she subsequently sauntered off to her father's car wash and graffited one of the walls. Her father was furious and disrespected the art of griffiti, leading Bay to be disappointed, and confess that she was in fact the one that painted on the wall. This led Bay's parents to dislike Zarra even more. Bay described Zarra as "the person she would have been if the switch hadn't happened."

Ever since she and some other friends were arrested and Bay bailed her out, another street artist, going by the name of "Smak!" has been after Zarra. Smak! and his friends were wielding weapons and stood outside of Zarra's trailer, leaving her with no place to call home. Bay and Zarra then went to Mexico to see her dad and another street artist, when John found them, along with Emmett, using a tracker app on his phone. While Bay and John were reunited halfway to Arizona in Oaklama, Zarra escaped with a letter saying she took the rest of their money and took a bus to Mexico, and she has not been seen since.


Zarra is shown to be somewhat a loner, brave, and hot-tempered. She lives by herself in a trailer park. 

​Physical AppearanceEdit

Zarra has dark brown hair that is put into dreadlocks. She has brown eyes. She seems to be marginally taller than Bay, and pretty skinny.


Zarra is not known to have been in any romantic relationships.

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